Does anyone have anything bad to say about Knight?

Discussion in 'Knight' started by tracyq144, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. zebcohobo

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    Jul 19, 2010
    Maybe Dna and the "others" are just trying to keep folks from making a mistake. Just because Knight is debt free doesn't make them a good company any more than having clean shiney trucks makes TMC a good company. Have you stepped outside the forum and done a search on Knight? The only good thing anybody can say is they are debt free. Don't get mad cause you didn't get the answers you wanted. Go to the report a good company section and look for them there. Oh, that's right.
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    Aug 8, 2008

    This is why right here. Lot's of us were more than willing to put in 600-700 miles a day (still on paper), NEVER turned down loads, and pretty much just kept to ourselves. What did we get in return? Ripped the hell off, lied to about the most stupid crap, and generally treated like idiots right off the bat.
  3. zebcohobo

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    Jul 19, 2010
    You can yell it from the rooftops and still folks will say "I have a good attitude and a great work ethic therefore, I can make it work" They won't believe it until it happens to them.:biggrin_25513:
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    Aug 13, 2011
    I know some folks who were with knight and they didnt really have anything bad to say....
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    I don't know about that. It seems to me that a "rational person" would look at all that has been posted about Knight, and several other companies, and take it for what it is worth, rather than attacking a poster over posting his or her experience.

    Sort of sounds to me like a company paid mouthpiece at work here. . .

    Actually, I have to agree with this. But these were by far the exception to the rule. But yes, some of the old timers out of Phoenix who had been years on the Phoenix to LA and back to Phoenix run were quite happy with Knight. Of course this was back when I was with them, and I've been gone since 2004? I think. Or 2003? Somewhere back there. Anyway, these were guys with years with the company and well, well over the million mile mark with them.

    But the way they operated when I was with them, and from what I hear about from drivers, and see on this forum, there were ###### few people who would put up with their crap for more than a year or so.
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  6. Truckenstein

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    Aug 30, 2011
    Little Rock, AR
    Do not drive for knight! They are a horrible mismanaged
    Company. I ran out of the Memphis term. And as for chris
    Robinson and Bo brigman they can @&$! Themselves.
    Chris was the poorest excuse for a dm I have ever come
    Across. He happens to be Bo brigmans little house boy
    So don't try to fire him Bo will ignore your request to
    The point where u have enough and give notice then Bo
    Will try to get u to stay by giving u a dedicated route or
    A transfer to intermodal division. O yeah Memphis
    Is supposed to be the pride and joy terminal of the entire

    The miles are horrible awful down right ######. In 5 months
    I averaged 1500 miles per week. Several weeks I would
    Deliver on Friday morning and maybe get a reload Monday.
    The reload was always 400 miles over 2.5 days and those
    Were the common 900 to 1200 mile weeks. 400 miles is
    At the bottom end of sliding pay scale. Once ran a 3 day load
    250 miles sat at Charlotte terminal for 2 days got a restart after
    The restart I got two days prior.

    It is common practice for dispatch reload u after u are
    Empty for p/u the next morning then once u get rolling
    They will change you to load picking up extremely late
    And considerably fewer miles than the original load. This
    Happened on every 5 of 10 loads carried. My was taking
    Me off a 1200 mile run and giving a 600 mile run once at
    Shipper load cancelled then given 350 mile run shipper
    Closed now sit for 2 days with no load (900 mile week).
    On the load that shipper said was cancelled dispatch called
    Me a liar and needed to have shipper call dispatch.

    Don't get me started on the idle policy, taking truck home
    Policy, elogs and this line 5 bs, or each terminal being
    A separate company, or grey refer trucks get to haul dry
    Vans but dry side can't haul refer. I will cover these
    Topics in future lessons of why not to "get behind the k"

    Remember to always check your pay stub online
    They hate reimbursing drivers for scales and lumpers
    I have heard it's company policy to not reimburse drivers
    To see if they catch it.

    O yeah they also pull the fuse out of the bunk blower
    So that it won't work. If it doesn't work check that
    The fuse is in place.

    Happy trails drivers
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  7. Truckenstein

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    Aug 30, 2011
    Little Rock, AR
    Stay as far away from PA terminal as u can. They never
    Have empty trailers there, the staff do not like drivers
    From other terminals, the loaded trailers are for drivers
    Out of PA terminal only, I was told by shop manager
    We take care of "our" trucks first then we work in those
    From other terminals. He told me u are looking at maybe
    A day possible two before we even look at your truck.
    If u get stuck there go ahead and bunk down for at least
    Two days maybe more, and make sure u have correct
    Tire pressure before u go in the gate, if u are getting close
    To service due and you are pulling a good load DO NOT
    Go to the terminal go to the truck stop otherwise it's drop
    Your trailer and sit for 2 days while they service PA trucks
    First then do your truck and u loose that rare good load
    You were pulling
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  8. tracyq144

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    Feb 15, 2009
    First (replying to another poster's accusations), I am a driver, not a paid company cheerleader or schill. Believe it, or not, I really don't care.

    Second, it's true that one's DM can make or break a driver, but that is with any OTR outfit, and the secret is to keep your DM happy. (This is basic s h i t, btw). You run the miles he gives you, he becomes happy with you, and then he begins to value you. Once he begins to value you (because you are making him LOOK GOOD), he will try to make you happy also, not because he is necessarily a good person, but just out of self interest. It's the ol' "you scratch my back, and I will scratch your's" deal. And that is something you will find in any job, not just trucking.

    Most drivers that I talk to are complaining about having to take their 34 hour resets, not ######## about low miles.

    Myself, from late Sunday nite, I ran from Mpls to Springfield MO, from there to Mobile, from there to Pennington AL to Lawrence KS to KC KS to Menominie WI back to MPLS, where I am taking my 34+ at home, and leaving out Sunday with a load to Canton OH, with a preplan back to Chicago for Tuesday afternoon.

    That's about 2800 from Sunday nite to Friday evening, a day and a half off, and then over 1000 miles between Sunday and Tuesday afternoon.

    And that's pretty normal, so I just don't get this "low miles" crap. Then again, even though I and my present DM don't "click" quite as well as the last two I had, I still treat him like a human being who is just doing his job the best he can. There is "give and take" on both sides; I try to do a good job for him, and he, in turn, tries to keep me happy with home time AND miles.

    Trucking is trucking, but human relations is the same at any job. Make the boss happy, and he (or she) will try to keep you happy, also.
  9. Truckenstein

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    Aug 30, 2011
    Little Rock, AR
    I would liked to have made my dm look good over at "red swift"
    Simple fact is that 70% of the loads chris "house boy"
    Robinson sent to my truck were picking up late and impossible to deliver On time. I always acted proffesionaly with the guy but never got
    The same courtesy in return. The simple fact is I have a family
    To take care of and bills to pay and knight transportation
    Could not provide the money I needed to support my
    Obligations. 375 to 475 a week is not worth being away
    From my family for weeks at a time. Then have to park my truck
    At memphis terminal then waste gas driving back and forth
    From Memphis to Conway, AR. (company policy) for home time.
    Knight does not care about their drivers they are simply another
    Another driver mill. Train the student, get some good ol dirty gov't
    Money for training the student. Just thankful I found a good small
    Family company to drive for and treat me like a human instead of a monkey holdin a steering wheel like knight and other companies like them. It's kinda funny though knight calls me back once a month asking me to come back to work for them
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  10. Truckenstein

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    Aug 30, 2011
    Little Rock, AR
    Tracy q u are obviously a knight dispatcher or planner
    Or something of that nature. Any knight driver knows that
    There is no pleasing a knight dispatcher or making them happy
    Especially chris Robinson I don't think the guy has ever smiled I. His whole
    Life or been happy for that matter
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