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    Where did you get the idea that I don't like Fedex. Sounds like your son got onto a good one. Good for him. Always like to see happy drivers. But don't even think that all Fedex Ground contractors pay the same as far as pay or bennies. They don't.

    Class A CDL - Solo Night-Time Driver
    Ground Logistics, Inc.
    Texarkana, AR 71854

    Job details
    $0.45 per mile ++
    Job Type

    Full Job Description
    $2,000 Sign-on Bonus

    Job Description

    We are a FedEx Ground contractor, and we seek a Full Time Qualified Class A CDL Solo Night-Time Driver in Texarkana, AR.
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    1.) You are not an employee of FedEx Ground, you're a contracted driver who works for a Contractor that runs freight for FedEx Ground.
    2.) Everything is done 3rd party. You can't tell FedEx Ground Linehaul you're not doing something, you have to tell your contractor who will then relay it to Dispatch. Getting anything done is a pain in the butt.
    3.) If you break down, you call Linehaul, then you call their Breakdown Line and they call a mechanic or mobile service or tow truck and you sit and wait and you don't get paid for it usually.
    4.) You show up in the morning or afternoon to get your trailers only to find out they're still loading and they say it's gonna be 2 more hours. Your gate time might be 5 am, but you don't actually leave until it's 7:00 am. You don't get paid for sitting there waiting. You're on their time and they don't care about your "gate time".
    5.) The Contractors are mostly all cheapskates and the pay is below what most Linehaul companies pay ($0.60 cpm up to $0.83 cpm).
    6.) Driver Facing Camera's
    7.) Last I knew they were all governed at 65 mph but things may have changed in the past few years since I last ran for them.
    8.) The Contractor's will spy on you when they want through the driver facing camera's and they will listen to your conversations.
    9.) If you work out of a terminal that has a smart post nearby, they frequently or always want you to take 2 empties to the smart post, drop those and pick up your 2 trailers for your run. Or they might have you go 30 miles out of your way on the return portion of your trip to drop your trailers and pickup 2 others to bring back to your terminal but they won't pay you the drop and hook, just the miles.
    10.) FedEx Ground Linehaul Dispatchers and the clowns in the Linehaul office are PROFESSIONALS at monopolizing your time. They don't care or give a rip about what you have to do after work, where you need to be, your doctor's appointment or kids t-ball game. FedEx Ground is a TIME MONOPOLY.
    11.) The benefits and vacation/pto offered by the Contractors is very meager and usually suck. There's a few contractors that have decent benefits, but they are few and far between and many of them offer no retirement packages like a 401K or anything like that.
    12.) Most of the FedEx Ground drivers are worthless bums who can't drive and nearly all of them drop their trailers anywhere they please, don't park their dollies, and many don't even break apart their sets and put their trailers in a parking spot. They just leave them in the aisles or blocking other trailers parked at the docks.

    Working at FedEx Ground was one of the most MADDENING and frustrating trucking experiences of my career. I will NEVER go back no matter how desperate I am for a job.
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