Fired, because of rumors. I have been applying for other jobs.

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Shackdaddy, Dec 7, 2021.

  1. mjv2744

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    Oct 2, 2021
    Depending on your pension or owed holiday pay it may disqualify you on unemployment fyi.
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  3. bryan21384

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    Sep 18, 2009
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    I don't get dropping the keys on the floor at seems like something my 14 year old son would do.
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  5. blairandgretchen

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    Dec 9, 2011
    South west Missouri
    I think that's controlled aggression.

    I'm pretty calm until I feel like I'm being treated like an idiot, or child.

    I have to give him credit for the quick thinking. I'd have more likely - in the same situation - to have tipped his desk over and shoved the keys down his condescending throat.

    But that's just me. :)

    I mean - F 'em. We're all human beans. Quit me the dramatic 'firing speech' and be plain and friendly.
  6. Lennythedriver

    Lennythedriver Road Train Member

    Feb 14, 2020
    If it were me, I’d spend the next three weeks before you start your new job touring every known location you know their trucks will be at and truly recruit their drivers. They accused you of it, might as well. Lol

    lots of time drivers will apply and look into other companies, but not actually take the leap. They should know this. I’ve already done it, ultimately decided to stay. Had my currentin and questioned me and confronted me about it I would’ve quit for sure.
  7. skallagrime

    skallagrime Road Train Member

    Apr 10, 2012

    I think my exact phrase would have been, "ill be dropping the keys and fuel card here on the floor you soulless peice of *trash*"

    *trash* probably would have an editted word

    Personally i think its childish, but as far as i can tell, its also meritted
  8. aussiejosh

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    Aug 28, 2009
    Airlie Beach QLd
    I've gotten used to forward facing and driver facing camera's, the thing is they don't film you all the time and you can tell when they are running as a green or red light will light up you will find more and more companies will begin to use such technology in some cases these camera's can prove to be a blessing as you have proof of when someone does something crazy that you get blamed for the camera's can then be used to prove your innocence in the matter. The only ones i find that are opposed camera's are those that want to talk or text on their mobile phones which is becoming illegal in most states and is quite a dangerous practice.
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  9. Lonesome

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    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    The company I quit in June had forward, and driver facing cameras. They told us the same thing, driver cam is only activated on an incident or similar. "No one is watching you" they said. No lights ever showed.

    But a shipping lead showed me on his computer a site, where there were pics captured of all the drivers, while driving.They supposedly took a pic every 8 seconds.
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  10. 0ppenheimer

    0ppenheimer Bobtail Member

    Dec 2, 2021
    I've been out of the game for awhile, what's the deal with driver facing cameras? like wtf? So if the camera detects hard braking, are you going to get a phone call? What ever happened to privacy?
  11. God prefers Diesels

    God prefers Diesels Road Train Member

    Jun 26, 2020
    South Texas

    "We've got word you're quitting. That makes you a liability, so we have to let you go. You know how it works. Good luck at your new job."
  12. Grumppy

    Grumppy Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Dec 11, 2010
    West Monroe, La
    I must be 8, 'cause.......... well, I treat people like they treat me.
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  13. buddyd157

    buddyd157 Road Train Member

    May 25, 2017
    under a shade tree
    you would think so.

    but when i was at NEMF, and "looking" for another job, the new employer called the local office, (as the HQ always referred ALL calls back to the terminals) and from there, the gal that took the call, basically announced it all over the office i was searching.

    the T/M called me into the office, and asked why i was not happy, i'd be making a big mistake, yadda, yadda.

    then he offered me the full union top wage, rather than wait for it, in 3 years as per the contract.

    so i stayed another few months, then took off, this time, asking the new employer to NOT contact my company....

    so, you'd "think" things are supposed to be'd be wrong.
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