Going to millington academy aug 28 th

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    Feb 9, 2011
    I went to Millington and personally I liked the way they tended to leave you alone unless you obviously had no clue. I learn by doing, and if I had someone standing there telling me turn the wheel 2 times this way, now back the other way every time I got out of whack I would not have learned how to fix my mistakes on my own. Sure it might make it easier to pass the "standard" backing for your CDL test but will not help you one bit when you get in the real world and your tandems are always set different, there is a pole in your way, you can't really setup the way you would like and so on.

    So if your the type that likes to get your hands dirty and learn by doing and making mistakes Millington will do ya just fine. If your the type that needs someone to walk you through things a bunch of times, then Millington may not be the best place to go. I'll tell you this much, I was my mentor's first Millington student and she was shocked by how many things they taught me compared to those who went to a private school.
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    I don't have to prove a thing-to anyone. I was there through the whole process and learned a lot. As I said before my overall experience was great. After the first few days several students were sent home for different reasons. Having 3-4 instructors on the range at any given time and 17 students in my class...well, I'll let you do the math.

    Hunter, I know what happened when you went back to the academy. You don't wish to share your story and that's fine, but stop painting swift with a black brush due to your animosity towards them.
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    I've read 'em all and that thread is THE BEST of the bunch. Well written, accurate, factual, with just the right amount of humor to make the "trip" worthwhile.

    Fact is, it's so good I'm gonna look for a "Fewe" when I'm on the road! lol

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    I think its funny ppl dogged the millington academy. But guess what I gratuated from the millington academy. Yesterday and it was the best experience. And the instructors was great kudos to doug, gary, kenny, jv, horrace, and david. And 1 guy said anyone that can pass at millington has their respect. Well guess what I PASSED!!!!!! So guess I got your respect.
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    Way to go!
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    BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAA. I needed that laugh! Thanks, Fewe.
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    i applied thursday got call friday and was told to e sign paperwork and call recruiter back monday i have a question she told me i can do to milligton for 3 weeks but i already have a Class A CDL i got it 6 years ago adrove otr for 2 months which i know is no time at all but since most of the class is based on getting CDL's is there another option for me can i go right out with a trainer or still have to go there....it has been 5+ years since my last driving job and i would like a few day refresher on pre trip and backing but 3 weeks ...i dont know ....does anyone know if they have another option in this situation
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    You can get a refresher course independently.
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    Swift might not even accept that due to how long ago, and how long he drove after receiving, but it could happen with a refresher course.
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