Good reefer company a tall order?

Discussion in 'Refrigerated Trucking Forum' started by Rhythmics, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Rhythmics

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    Jan 26, 2021
    ya oilfield can be good. I did crude and production saltwater in North Dakota for a year at around 15k a month. Just didn’t care for it...the best money is desolate areas like ND or West Texas. Either that or live/work near major cities def no go for me lol As far as oilfield goes I had the most fun doing pipeline heavy haul. A mix of operating and hauling/loading/unloading heavy oversized equipment across the job site maybe 10-30mile hauls at most. Plenty of sitting around/nap time. 2k+/week but living in a camper and moving every job isn’t great either. Personal preference I suppose. I just enjoy the long coast to coast runs and the scenery loading produce in central cali either up 99 or 101 but I also don’t want to live there!
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