Greasing driveshaft u-joints

Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by mitmaks, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. mitmaks

    mitmaks Road Train Member

    May 16, 2014
    How often am I supposed to grease these?
    I put some grease in them and noticed theres greasr slung around driveshaft where zerks are at. Not supposed to grease them often?
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  3. passingthru69

    passingthru69 Road Train Member

    Never to much grease in u joints
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  4. mitmaks

    mitmaks Road Train Member

    May 16, 2014
    Well how do i keep it from fkying everywhere underneath truck, making a greasy mess under there
  5. lilillill

    lilillill Sarcasm... it's not just for breakfast

    Nov 7, 2007
    Possum Booger, Alabama
    Use a high quality, high-speed, lithium based wheel bearing grease like Mystic JT-6, and grease them often. There is no such thing as greasing a u-joint too much.

    If you don't like the grease getting all over the frame, make yourself a splatter shield out of sheet metal.
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  6. SAR

    SAR Road Train Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    I grease them every 5,000 miles. I pump grease till they start popping and oozing grease out the caps, then I keep pumping till the old grease is out. I do this on both grease zerks per u joint. I have grease sprayed underneath my truck too and am full of it when I get done but never had a failure yet.

    I know some people say that is too much grease but it's personal preference. Like @passingthru69 said its never too much.
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  7. strollinruss

    strollinruss Road Train Member

    Jun 5, 2012
    Montgomery, TX
    My dad greases his truck every weekend. His kingpins lasted 2 million miles. I grease my truck every 5-6k miles.
    It's just whatever makes it feel good.
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  8. Heavyd

    Heavyd Road Train Member

    Feb 4, 2009
    Yep, like the others have said, when in doubt, grease some more! Never ever seen anything fail because of too much grease! Once every two weeks is probably fine, but I would not go longer if you are in heavy service or busy long haul. Every time you grease, you also give yourself a chance to inspect your chassis for problems, so its a win-win!
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  9. AModelCat

    AModelCat Road Train Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    Used to grease dad's truck every weekend and then grease the driveline and s-cams again mid-week. 140k lbs daily off road is hard on everything. Lose a driveshaft nowadays and its likely going to be a $2500-$3500 bill by the time you replace the shaft/yoke if they're wrecked, air bags, air lines, ABS modulators, etc.

    Helps if you only pump enough to hear air crackling out and verify a little bit of grease at each trunnion end. That way you know the needles in each cap are lubricated. Wiping off the excess grease when you're done helps too.
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  10. ShooterK2

    ShooterK2 Road Train Member

    Dec 14, 2012
    I grease u-joints on the main drive shaft as well as the PTO every weekend. Sometimes sooner if I'm hauling a lot of short loads. Slinging a little grease won't hurt a thing, and is a heck of a lot better than lettin' 'em run dry.
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  11. They say don't over grease to the point of (cracking the seals). Just until you start feeling resistance on the grease gun. I say crack the crap out of them, like what was said before never to much grease! The slinging deal with it!
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