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    Oct 8, 2019
    This is supposed to be a drop and hook location for us. Once out of 6 has this happened. It still took 2 hours to clear the yard. The worst part is their live loads. I can have an 8 or 3 pm appointment. Again it is supposed to be drop and hook so at 3pm I should be backing up to a loaded trailer on the dock. At best it has taken 5 hours to load 26 pallets. I sat once for 90 minutes waiting for them to inflate air bags on the load and drop the dock latch. The worst was 6.5 hours running my clock down to 30 minutes. There is not much nearby to park besides dark streets. As soon as they are done they will rush you out the gate too. No using the bathroom over night or anything.

    I have seen some bad places but this place is the slowest and least considerate place yet. The dock is designed for 40 foot trailers and day cabs and still they will line up empty trailers in front 3 deep making it almost impossible for a sleeper and 53 foot dryvan to get in or out. The yard drivers are a 3rd party and will not or cannot move your trailer without a slip. The office will not assign it anyways. Every driver I have talked with accepts this place as a 5 hour wait with poor docking and narrow lanes.

    I am old slow and cautious. I can get into most any pocket with my truck and 53foot trailer. Even here it is not easy and takes a few corrections but watching their own yard trucks it is a miracle any sleeper can park a trailer. Once on the back fence row I had to crawl under the trailer next to me to get a couple cranks on the landing gear just to drop it. I tried airing down but the dip took away to much and I still had to do the midget landing gear.

    Unfortunately not much can be done with these folks as even our bosses cannot get any long term solution to their service. If you go here on Access Drive be sure to have a lot of time on your clock for leaving.
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