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    Hi everybody, I had a question about hauling different company containers of different sizes. Just bought a daycab and was looking to haul intermodal in the Chicago area. Ive done this line of work in the past but worked for Swift so they had their own containers
    My question is If im hauling all types of intermodal now, do I call the container company to get permission to haul that container or does it not work that way? Are chassis and containers free game to anyone who hauls all types? How would I get in contact with someone or a company to find intermodal loads to haul?
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    I don't know about how.

    But what I do know is this from my container days. You are given a particular box to get. It really does not matter what size box that is. Until it's time to toss the large chassis and get a small one, container ports keep racks of all sizes of chassis. When you have the right chassis the box man will drop the box onto you.

    Get papers, inspection and so forth off you go.

    Your number one problem is constantly being overweight. You will need a standing permit for say 110,000 gross. And even that is not enough to defend against say a 140,000 pound ticket.
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    I don't think just anybody can haul a container, unless it changed. I had my own tractor leased to a company in Green Bay. Power only, it was called. He dealt directly with the shippers and set up pickups, deliveries, and chassis use, insurance( that was a biggie). He handled all the pay, which was fine by me. I think there's more to it. Damage was a constant concern. Many times, these crooks tried to charge damage to him, and the pre-trip at the yard was the only thing that saved us. Quite frankly, I'd never do it again, there's better places to put your truck, and tons of company jobs. Buying a truck today, and not having a good plan, and I don't consider intermodal a good plan, is foolish.
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