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Discussion in 'Expediter and Hot Shot Trucking Forum' started by Diandrepree, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. Diandrepree

    Diandrepree Bobtail Member

    Nov 15, 2023
    Hello, looking to get into hotshot trucking. I'm seeing guys with 35-40ft flat beds and say theyre legal non cdl, but I don't under how. From my understanding, the GCVW of the load can't be over 10k lbs. If a 40 ft bumper pull flatbed weighs 4k lbs, you can only haul 6k more lbs which equates to 1 sedan, maybe 2 honda civics or 1 big vehicle. I've deduced from reading that with a gooseneck it is different because the entire weight is weighed per axle, I read you can load at the top of the gooseneck to overload the rear axle of the truck so the weight is counted there and not on the trailers weight but I don't know how legit those facts are. I'm super new and want some advice before I spend money. Thank you guys
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  3. GrumpyJoe

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    Oct 8, 2019
    Truck weighs 6-8000 pounds and trailers weigh 4-7000 pounds. So even empty if hauling for profit the truck and traielr qualifies as needing a CDL. What level one needs differs by state and whether it is farm related or just for profit. Even if farm related if it is not for your farm it is still commercial. Many will argue, but all it takes is one DOT stop and the fines can be very expensive. Missouri DOT worked with a friend of mine driving his new 5500 Dodge with a fancy 12 foot bed and a trailer filled with used tractors for his store. He could have been fined thousands as they all knew of his shop and the number of tractors he hauls. Once he took the dive into a bigger truck he had to get a fuel permit, adjust his insurance, label the truck as commercial, DOT number and misc. permits. He also had to get marked and approved straps and chains. No more hauling 2 5 gallon jugs of fuel on the flatbed. They had to be in an approved holder.
    Still not that much but DOT worked with him. Iowa has been known to rip a new one on many HotShot trucks. Either you are or are not. Empty can exceed the limits just as well as full. When my friend hooked up his camper one DOT still asked for a logbook as he was in a commercial vehicle still labeled as work.

    Enjoy, but now is a hard time to start as a hotshot. Stop at any scale close to your home and they will work with you. Even though many think it is just about revenue, most just want it safe.
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