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    I have been out of trucking a few months for family reasons. I am now wanting to get back in. I am looking into Barr-Nunn as it is close to my home. I was wanting more information about them. Do they offer APU's or is there an idle policy? Are the miles good? What about the pay? Any other information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance..
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    Nov 21, 2011
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    Let's see.... Some trucks have APU's, but that's extremely rare. Miles dependent on driver and team leader. I can tell you that I've had weeks of 3000+ miles and I've had some with 2400-2600. All depends on your attitude and willingness to adapt to any situation and overcome with pose. Money is good, I encourage you to check their website to get their pay rates.

    FedEx, ups, dhl are our biggest contracts, with Niagara sprinkled in and a few random. They are very anal about safety, which is a good and bad thing :) hmm.. What else.... Break down pay is out of this world (trust me on that). Hmm.... Nicest people you'll talk to on the phone, and in person.

    Terminals are cruddy, shops close down to soon. (8am-4:30pm m-f)... Hmm.. That's all the negatives I have. :)
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