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Discussion in 'Road Stories' started by slow.rider, May 8, 2021.

  1. slow.rider

    slow.rider Road Train Member

    Apr 4, 2017
    So I'm driving along a two lane road in this wooded hilly area when I realize my turn is coming up. I'm crossing the overpass over the highway and am about to turn left onto the entrance ramp. The road splits in multiple lanes so I start veering left to get into what looks like the left turn lane, but the lines are very faded, almost invisible.

    As I'm rolling up to the intersection I realize I was wrong about the lane markings and I'm actually in an oncoming traffic lane. Then I see these a police 4x4 sitting in the grass on the corner, so I think, time to act natural and casually take this turn. But Ive got no more power steering so I can't turn despite putting all my strength and weight into it. By this time I'm rolling past the turn and am now all the way over in the last oncoming lane, blocking all oncoming traffic.

    So now I'm trying to stop, but suddenly the brakes aren't working. I realize this is really, really bad because the brakes should lock up if they've lost air, but instead there is zero braking. I'm rolling to a stop with my steer about to touch the oncoming curb and my trailer probably blocking the ramp right in front of the cop's face. I apply the parking brake, but it doesn't do anything. I start rolling backwards. I'm like, this is a fine show to be putting on right in front of this ###### cop. I pop my hazards but they don't do anything.

    I'm rolling backwards, back across the overpass, but now there's traffic coming up behind me so I have to fight to keep it in the oncoming lanes until they pass. They get by, and I start to redirect my roll into my lane, but I realize that if I just keep rolling, there's a loooong way to go. So I aim for the shoulder. There's an area behind me sloped upward with one of those artificial gravel covered embankments. I think it's still called gravel, even though the pieces are pretty big, like 6-10 inches each.

    As my trailer tires start to leave the pavement into the grass, I try popping the emergency brake. Still nothing. I'm rolling pretty fast now, not super fast but fast enough that I think it will wreck the company van I'm pulling when the IC bar hits the rocks at this steep angle, probably bending a frame rail and caving in a wall. A heap of scrap metal, a total write-off. The moment I hit these rocks is the moment I may as well just consider myself fired.

    But it was an optical illusion. The slope is gradual enough that the tires catch the incline before the IC bar does, and I start rolling backwards up the ridge and into the forest at the top. I come to rest with just my grill sticking out from between the foliage, apparently didn't hit any big trees either. Maybe the trailer is still ok. Maybe I'm not fired after all. Still some hefty towing and repair bills coming up though.

    I start getting out to inspect the aftermath more closely. Then I wake up.
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  3. rachi

    rachi Road Train Member

    Feb 25, 2010
    Lol, Ive had many dreams where I wrecked the truck or ran into something and then to wake up and and be greatly relieved. But Ive also dreamed that I came into alot of money and then was bummed when I woke up.
  4. Just passing by

    Just passing by Road Train Member

    Feb 25, 2017
    Whenever I dream about the job I know it's time for a break. Maybe hometime is of the essence, driver!
  5. okiedokie

    okiedokie Road Train Member

    Jun 13, 2011
    After decades of being overworked, underpaided and tramatized from an unsafe work environment the nightmares (hemroids) will fade. It'll take a few years away from the cab. There's a support group if you need to talk.
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  6. slow.rider

    slow.rider Road Train Member

    Apr 4, 2017
    Actually I've been on break for a week. I rarely dream about the job until I've stepped away from it for awhile.
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  7. slow.rider

    slow.rider Road Train Member

    Apr 4, 2017
    Hey, you don't get to say that and then not explain what happened. Out with it! o_O
  8. DUNE-T

    DUNE-T Road Train Member

    May 10, 2015
    Detroit, MI
    My first year of trucking, I was waking up a lot, dreaming, getting scared, that I did not set the parking brakes
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  9. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm Heavy Load Member

    Dec 11, 2016
    My first year driving in the ice and snow without anyone giving me advice traumatized me, I used to have recurring nightmares about black ice and rollover wrecks. Wake up to a full adrenaline shot 3 hours into my 10 in a sweat and not able to go back to sleep.

    Pretty much broke whatever semblance of a sleep schedule I had left. A few years went by and they stopped but I still don’t sleep right even when I take time off.
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  10. Rideandrepair

    Rideandrepair Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2015
    Haven’t had those dreams in years. Usually I was driving down a hill and blinded by snow, sun, or just blinded. Lol. I fear the Sudden white out. The few times, it was a helpless feeling, like in the dreams.
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