Life at American Central Transport (ACT)

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    Here is the point. Neither of you are in the office. Neither of you are load planners nor are you involved with the logistical running of the day to day business of ACT. You might like to think you are....but you are not. You are a driver. You only get information they want you to have.....PERIOD!

    If you love your lease purchase than more power to ya lol. You will eventually learn.....the hard way.
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    Jan 8, 2013
    My best friend completed a lease 15 yrs ago . He make 2300 2800 take home every week home every night work 1 weekend a month for a day Saturday or Sunday his choice . Every 5 yrs he buys another used truck . Last yr he made 86,000 AFTER TAXES. I guess he will never learn his lesson . Shipper he works for takes care of there drivers. Im on the road hes drinking beer at 3pm every day at the vets club . Before you go there he rides his bycycle.

    There are opportunities out the if you gotta take it up the ### to get there thats your choice but nobody in this world is gonna give you anything for free. NOT EVEN OBAMA
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    Feb 4, 2020
    Do they make you put driver facing camera? On another site a driver stated this. Prob just company trucks?
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