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    Sep 23, 2010
    OK what are you legally supost to do say you start your day at 8pm on the 2nd 4hours later your rolling into the next day the 3rd do yall total up the hours for the 2nd and close it out than go to the next page for the 3rd and do a new pre trip and fill out that

    So do your miles end for that day or would you carry it to the next day

    Why im asking is my driver got a tiket for the day before at 2am his log was not closed out and signed
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    Miles end for that day. Most of us wrote an odometer reading or spoke it into a pocket recorder at midnight, the same as crossing a state line. Some employers require mileage by states on a trip report separate from the log. It is not required to stop and make entries in the log although many truckers pull illegally onto the shoulder at that time.

    In my opinion, the first day's log must be closed and totaled at the first stop after midnight. Although miles start accumulating again at midnight, hours look back for driving and on-duty totals.

    Some operations use noon to noon logs rather than midnight to midnight. All drivers from a terminal must use the same log.

    I assume your driver had made a stop after midnight without closing the previous day's log. Some states have their own regulation about frequency of tire and lights checks, etc.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    Did your driver change duty status between midnight and 2am before the stop?
    If so, he should of closed out previous day then.

    Was the previous day graph current to the last change of duty to on duty driving?
    If not, than this is the violation and the next day has nothing to do with it.

    Your miles go from midnight to midnight. I always write my odometer down at midnight. Normally you close out the previous days log at the first change of duty status the next day.

    A normal person would of gave him a chance to catch it up.

    PTI's have nothing to do with driving past midnight. Just beginning and end of shift.

  4. BAYOU

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    Sep 23, 2010
    he stoped at 11pm for fuel than was pulled over for a road side inpection # 2am so he was not more than 4 hours on his log
    I have alway closed and totaled at the first stop after midnight even if i just started and have only drove 100 miles i end it like im done for the day
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    Each log ends at midnight and you keep track of your miles when you're rolling at midnight. Your miles for each day end at midnight so make sure you make a note of your miles at midnight. From midnight on is a new day. You then take your miles at midnight and add them to your mileage that you will drive "today" up to midnight. Logs have to be completed to show what you were doing in those 24 hours at the end of each day (midnight). Question: was the driver driving at 2am or sitting somewhere?
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    Right that is correct, fight the ticket.
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    Sep 23, 2010
    O ya im going to fight the ticket!!!
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    No, CSA 2010 is not going to to be a problem for the drivers that are legal, as many would have us believe.

    You should win the ticket, but the black mark will be on the drivers, and your record. You might be able to get it off, but it would be a long, mostly unproductive, process. You can appeal, but good luck getting the government to help you.

    There is no provision in CSA 2010 for DOT cops not knowing what they are doing, but let a driver make a mistake, and he is marked for three years.
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    That's the problem with the system. They (LEO) make a mistake no big deal it just goes against the driver and his livlihood. They should have a penalty system for cops that if they #### up or get gun hoe and try to screw a driver then they would lose their ability to work as well. I think that would help keep it on the up and up but like that will ever happen.
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    It depends. Tell us what the driver did from 2000 hours until the stop occurred. Did he stop anywhere? Did he fuel? Did he rest? Did he do anything other than drive?

    P.S. Your driver may not be telling you the whole story, just what he wants you to know.
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