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Discussion in 'CFI' started by BruceStarkweather, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. BruceStarkweather

    BruceStarkweather Bobtail Member

    Dec 6, 2017
    Does CFI pay you while going thru orientation and on the road with a trainer?
    How are the trucks? API's,etc etc??
    CFI is on my short list as well as Prime,Jim Palmer and a couple others
    Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. RoadRooster

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    May 10, 2015
    Fort Myers, Florida
    Not sure how to answer because our training program differs substantially from the other companies you mentioned.

    You don't get in the truck with your trainer until you have a CDL. Not true with the other companies.

    You can go get your CDL from our affiliated school, Crowder College in Neosho Missouri, or any other that CFI approves.

    We have a program where we pay your tuition, meals and lodging while you are at Crowder. Once you have your CDL, they bring you to Joplin for orientation. When I went we had breakfast at the hotel, they ordered lunch, and gave us some cash for dinner. Ask the reqruiter if it's still the same.

    When you finish orientation, you are assigned a finisher, that's what we call trainers.

    When I went with my finisher, I was paid 10 cents a mile less than the starting solo rate. Verify that with the recruiter also. The program has changed over the years.

    Trucks are mostly KW 680. There are a few Volvo's, Pete's, and cascadias left but we seem to be going strictly KW now. It will be hard to find one over 3 years old, but you will get one. Good news is, they will probably trade it in your first year and you will get a brand new one.

    No Apu, but they have inverter s. I run coffee pot, microwave, crock pot, chargers etc... works great.

    We are converting the fleet over to automatic transmissions. Didn't think I would like it but I do.. most people say the same thing.

    XM radio in all trucks...free.

    I recommend Crowder for your CDL. The skid pad is worth the price of admission!!

    I came here as a newbie... Been here 7 years...knew it wouldn't last.

    I hope it works for you.

    Key point in training differences between us and the rest of your short list...
    With us you do about 90 percent of the driving while your finisher sits next to you. And you are dispatched as a solo.

    The other guys run you as a team after the first couple of weeks. You can't learn if your trainer is sleeping... and you probably won't sleep well in a moving truck while the trainer drives.

    Good luck with your decision.
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