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    What I mean is the lumper service might charge hundreds of dollars to unload a trailer but they pay the guys doing it almost nothing.
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    That was there main reason for moving out of Richmond. To get rid of the union. Some people even suggested that the fire was no accident. I had a friend who was a lumper and the food part of their Richmond yard. He was considered a "guest" of Safeway. All of the lumpers back then were like that and all were union members.
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    I used to work in cold storage when I came out of military. Drivers comes in with all the boxes meat on floor, no I’m not unloading it. I’ll supply the pallets and you can unload it yourself, or I’ll do it for you for 200 bucks cash. Or 250. I can’t remember it was over 20 years ago. Take your pick
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    The drivers had nothing to do with the way it was loaded. Pallets weigh a lot. You can either ship less meat and more pallets or more meat and no pallets. Whoever bought the meat should pay to have it unloaded as they wanted it shipped that way.
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    maybe drivers should stop pulling freight that requires lumpers. LET IT ROT! come on drivers,get it together. All we can do here is piss and moan. stop hauling their garbage!
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    since we are sharing lumper stories....
    I once hauled a load of assorted McCormick spices to a DC outside of Covington KY. The lumper took one look at the BOL and said "that 'll be $1500 to unload". My jaw hit the floor.
    I called the company, thinking there was no way they were going to pay that and I would be stuck lumping this crap.
    The rest of me hit the floor when the company agreed to pay the $1500!!!
    8 hours later i was out of there.
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