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    Nov 29, 2014
    It was my first job 5 years ago. Will S was my DM. He told me he went to high school with the owners son and was termination proof. He was the most abusive a-hole I ever worked with.

    I have convinced many of their drivers to switch to other jobs since then.

    Their trucks are the slowest on the road. For every mph the truck goes under 70, $100 a month goes from your pocket to May's pocket in fuel savings. You get paid by the mile and everyone hates the slow trucks clogging up the hammer lane.

    Deduct about 7k per year from your pay when you work for May. Worst lots, shops, terminals and a fuel program from hell. May is super cheap and always have been. Swift is a huge step up from May. That's how bad May was. I quit after 5 months.
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  2. what are you going to do put up your whole driving history of every company you've been through in a post??
    good God man!!
    People going to see your name come on be like always whining and crying about another company I'm not even going to bother clicking on to read what it's about you can almost see..
    why don't you just make it into one post about all your places that you got offended by instead of making a separate post for every single place.. almost seems like spamming to me... rapid firing one thread after another thread after another..
    I got the gist from coldliner I don't need to read about may and all the other ones cuz I could pretty much see a pattern forming
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    May 3, 2016
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    I’m making a list, but I won’t need to check it twice because you’re going to post it at least three times.
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    May 3, 2016
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    Btw, I was flying around one night looking for Kentuckians and passed a May truck. And, when I swooped down to take a quick sniff, the vermin reached out his window and took a swat at me.

    But, you don’t get to be over 300 years old by being slow on your wings! ;)
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    You need to let it go man. You worked 5 months 5 years ago? Talk about holding onto the past.
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    May 30, 2012
    May is not that bad..I was there a couple of was Frankspeak as I remember. I liked their routes. I have said before they are a great place to start. SLOW TRUCKS!!They have gone to some kind of new flat rate pay and on that rate you are lucky to bring home $600 a week.
    Your only good for May your first year because your cheap labor..after that head on to greener pastures. They also like you if your a trainer cause they need them bad so they can churn thru all those new drivers. It seemed the last year I was there they were setting up career day at the prisons, some of the labor they were hiring was bottom of the barrel..really kind of embarrassing
  7. Frank Speak

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    May 3, 2016
    Hot Springs, AR
    Yes, I worked there for awhile. I worked out of the Pensacola terminal which really wasn't bad at all. You won't hear me say "May is GREAT", but I will say the folks at the Pensacola terminal treated me nothing by GREAT. I got preferential loads, a brand new truck both of the two years I was there, etc... They really did do right by me. In return, I would train when they got in a pinch and had more students than trainers, help Dave with orientation (I would teach chaining, pre-tripping, etc...).

    But yes, I would go along with some of the things the OP stated. Their terminals are worse than what I'd imagine a soup kitchen for the homeless to be. Corporate does have some goofy rules. But, again, I ran whatever route I wanted (reasonable routes), and fueled where I wanted to a degree (had to be on their approved fueling list). But, I was in their top 5% of drivers which wasn't hard to do as a 6 yr experienced driver.

    Would I go back to May? Not a chance, but they served me well when I needed that gig.
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    Jan 9, 2012
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    You best not do that. You might find one. It could spell trouble for you.
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    Must have been some Kentucky blood in the mix somewhere. Just sayin'...
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    Mar 30, 2007
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    I worked at May Trucking for exactly 6mos to the day in 05 when they supposedly were "good" to work for. What a chump I was. Dispatch is behind a security door & a intercom. Drivers lounge was a table & chairs, Safety wanted a log review & UA every time you pulled into Brooks OR.
    Truck Wash was putrid reclaimed water & a greasy brush. Trailer 10 to 20yrs old & rusted out, loads were shorthaul unless you were lucky enough to get a load of buttwipe, cardboard, or paper towels to PHX, SLT or LA..
    Typical wknd load was pu at Bimart in Portland friday & del 3 stops over the wknd ending up in Medford OR Sun morning yawning from boredom waiting to pu doors 120 miles away Mon afternoon going 250 miles with 3 stops & 2 days to del. Customer get 4hrs free to load/unload.
    Yearly equipment inspection was a new sticker slapped on at the fuel island in Brooks. Hometime parking was a mud & pothole filled postage sized lot behind the refer trl dealer in Auburn Wa The only + at that company was my ungoverned 13 speed century & the lunches in Orientation.
    I knew after 1 mo at May I was quitting at 6mos. And I'm not a quitter, after all I avg 5ys at 4 other OTR companies . May sucked in 05. Did 10 loads in one stretch under 200mi per load & half of them were GTI toaster leavings that they didn't want. Did I mention they charged you for over idle way back in 05 before bunk heaters & APU were widespread? :eek: I get pissed off just seeing a May truck. Their solution when I told them I was quitting was to offer me NW regional. I'm like WTH? what do you think I've been doing the last 6mo's?LOL Totally clueless people (but they were the easiest dp I've delt with, always professional )
    I'm less pissed off about USX firing me after 6.5yrs then the 6mos of my life I wasted at May.
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