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  1. Balakov100

    Balakov100 Road Train Member

    May 10, 2012
    Temple, TX
    As some may or may not know. I quit my OTR Job with Holland Enterprises back in May.

    I went to McLane Southwest out of SWDC (Temple TX)

    The good you will make decent money during the summer, or if you miraculously stay busy.

    I got a decent sign on bonus.
    None of that stuff matters if I can't get decent regular paychecks.
    They do offer a guaranteed pay but that's not really enough. (it's like $1100/week).

    To start off I had to wait a whole month just for the background check.
    Since they opened the New DC in Fort Worth. And the new bid couple months ago,
    Work has been scarce on the extra board. Which is what new guys are stuck on.
    Trucks and Trailers are absolute #### to be honest.
    This is the most disorganized company I have ever worked for.

    Not working much. And now there's a shortage of trucks..
    I was told to come in at 4a this morning. It's now almost 7a. Still waiting on a truck.

    I was worried about the physical nature of the work but it's not too bad really. They just can't get their #### together.
    Still waiting on a decent dolly which was promised when I started. .

    Definitely not what they made it out to be.
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  3. EuropeanTrucker

    EuropeanTrucker Medium Load Member

    Jun 15, 2018
    Wow that sucks...I hope that you at least getting paid for waiting on a truck.
  4. x1Heavy

    x1Heavy Road Train Member

    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Waiting for a truck is dangerous if you cannot be somewhere napping. Being awake and waiting is a special form of danger to your ability to being sharp and safe when you finally do get a truck however many hours later. Thats time not counted.

    Ive learned not to wait for trucks. They can fire me but call me at the house when they do have a truck. I'll be ready to go like it really matters when I spend my waiting time resting at home rather than standing around the breakroom coffeepot complaining all day.
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  5. Frank Speak

    Frank Speak Road Train Member

    May 3, 2016
    Hot Springs, AR
    It could be worse. You could be schlepping 2000 cases of beer or soda around all day.

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