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Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by Dottie, Dec 17, 2010.

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    CARRY the long form now?? That is a NEW one for me...Anyone KNOW where the B.S. stops..,and the TRUTH begins??:biggrin_255:
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    Aug 27, 2010
    Carry it. Jeez, it's just a piece of paper. In ten years of driving I was asked for it once, in Alberta. Ha! The guy thought I wouldn't have it and his face fell when I grinned and whipped it out. Read it, sucker!
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    Jan 25, 2011
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    "All interstate and intrastate carriers, who are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations(FMCFR), are required to carry a medical examiner certificate as outlined in 49CFR Part 391.41. "

    That's from Agency of t's booklet on "Commercial Vehicle Enforcement" (state of VT) They're talking about the card, not some medical file. Same as I just learned in CDL school--"carry this at all times". Same as I needed for the road test--"got your medical card?" I've always been driving my trucks as a farmer--legally exempt. Decided to get all nice and legal and do more with the trucks, so it's frustrating to see confusion. Just saying I have recently finished CDL school and on my own read a bunch of books and nobody mentions anything but the card you keep in your wallet. Just my 2cents.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    Someone needs to tell Westside Transport different. They pay for the physical and the long form gets returned to them in a sealed envelope. Companies that pay for physicals don't want their drivers having copies. They can quit or get fired and use them on the next job.

    I always carry mine so I don't care. Just stating the facts.

    You might as well have to carry your CDL test scores to support your license also. Makes sense, right?? Support one, you should have to support the other. It won't be long all this info will be in the same computer data base and the DOT can pull it up on the screen anyways. So this debate will be old news soon.

    On your medical card it says..."The information I have provided regarding the physical examination is true and correct. A complete examination form with any attachment embodies my findings completely and correctly, and is on file in my office".

    Now this is a government generated document. Nowhere does it say the driver has the supporting document. No where does it say the driver must carry it. Since they have all the other rules listed on it, they leave this one out?
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    Sep 9, 2010
    Ummm law enforcement officers are NOT medical personel. They are not doctors and are not qualified to interperate what is on the long form. For the last 16 years, I have always been told that all we need are the short forms (cards). Funny thing though, I'm required to carry my FMCSA insulin exemption form with me for inspectors to see. I still get in arguements with truckstop know-it-alls that say I am not allowed to drive while taking insulin... It just amazes me how people spout off whithout knowing the rules and laws, cops included...
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    Different subject, but I think it is in a sealed envelope because the company is not supposed to see ALL of your medical history and conditions, per HIPPA laws. But they're supposed to keep it for DOT audits, lawsuits because of accidents, etc.

    But every company I've worked for, they've opened it up and looked at all my medical info. Is this not a violation of medical privacy? All they need to know is that I passed and am in good physical shape to drive the truck and do all work-related duties.
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    Apr 4, 2007
    No, it is not a violation of HIPPA or medical privacy acts.

    The company is ultimately responsible for the drivers health condition on the form and has the final say on the driver driving.

    Kind of hard to do that without looking at the information.

    The person that looks at the information is restricted as to the release of the information. In other words, they can only tell the people that directly need to know.

    They are then restricted by HIPPA laws.
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    Aug 7, 2011
    yes by law if you were to know or ever read the green book thats suppose to be in your truck a driver must produce a copy of their long form physical if asked for,and yes i have had an officer say i wanna see your medical card,ok then he said i need to see your long form i said ok,,blew his mine i had it,he said see those 15 trucks over there i said yes he said they didnt have long form nor there trying to get there company to send it to them,,,they were out of service,,,,
  9. rescue4712

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    Aug 7, 2011
    u have always supppose to have carried it read the book..
  10. rescue4712

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    Aug 7, 2011
    ok first off im not b s ing u okj u can read what im about to tell u in your little green book ur suppose to have in ur truck yet no one reads it, ok hear goes,,,,driving with sandels or any open toe shoe is not allowed in any vehicle,period, read any dl book,,also hands free cell means no type of headset on your head while driving,,,in the book,it henders ur hearing ability,driving with feet on dash,,,wronnnnggg ,,unsafe driving pratices,,im just letting every one know ok,,all states an goverment agencys are broke an there gonna get money however they can,,an ur helping them by doing these things,an yes they are looking at u,,,ok texas law headset on ur head while in motion,,275.00 fine open toed shoes while driving 150.00 fine,feet on dash while in motion 500.00 fine.look it up if u want,,texting in motion 250.00 fine.. new hours of service ,,sucks i been out here for 35 yr's,,,new hours of service plans as of last week if they get passed,,,10 hr's a day driving time, twice a week you will have to park between 12 midnite an 6 am, an u still have to take a 34 restart every week,so ur really only going to be able to drive on a average of 8 hr's aday which is 40 hr's a how much money u gonna make a week now,,noooo driver out there is a proffessional driver you are listed with the state an federal goverment labor board at the bottom of the list,your listed as get this UNSKILLED LABOR yep ck it out,so stop saying i;m a professional ur not, ur not even getting min wage for the hr's u put in....:biggrin_25514::biggrin_25513:
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