My wife is a vampire trucker no more!

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Nahbrown, Feb 16, 2024.

  1. Nahbrown

    Nahbrown Light Load Member

    Sep 6, 2021
    Illinois (the sane part)
    Long story short- my wife has been driving nights and I have been driving days since April last year. We now split the time equally regardless of day/night.

    Long story long- and I retired from the military in 2015 I was told I had snowflake cataracts due to exposures to a few things. although my eyes I had degraded some, I was still correctable to 2020 with glasses, no problem. Last year when we started driving trucks, I noticed my night vision wasn’t quite up to snuff, I was getting light halos and motion seem to really speed up at night. After arguing with VA, and paying for a civilian consultation. I finally convinced them to do cataract surgery on both my eyes on January 3. Yes both eyes had the cataract surgery on the same day. we took a week off to rest and heal, and then started driving again.

    The results have been dramatic. The only glasses I need now are 1.25 readers now for up close vision. the halos and fast night motion are a thing of the past. I now have zero issues driving at night And my wife is allowed to join the living during the day again.

    if you’re contemplating cataract surgery, I highly recommend it.
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  3. austinmike

    austinmike Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2011
    Mom had hers done this past summer. They were slow to heal and she was cranky as hell but they finally healed up.
    Had mine checked and said I've got the beginnings of em.
  4. Moosetek13

    Moosetek13 Road Train Member

    Nov 1, 2010
    Burnsville, MN
    Eye surgery is a scary thing to me. I'm glad it all worked out so well for you.
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  5. LOTSO

    LOTSO Medium Load Member

    Mar 28, 2023
    Wouldn't be surprised if in a week she says you can have days back. Night Driving= Open Fuel Lanes, No commuter Traffic, All the Mega Idiots and Flip Flop crowd are parked, Scales Closed, and have you ever noticed you've never seen one of those 100 vehicle pileups at night, no matter how bad the weather is.
  6. Dennixx

    Dennixx Road Train Member

    Feb 13, 2010
    twin cities
    I was told 2 yrs ago I had a left eye cataract but was recommended that I wait till it was larger. Well that time has come. Vision appears a bit cloudy so we will start looking at eye surgeons.
    Can probably pass my dot physical due next month so will most likely wait till after that just in case it doesn't take.
  7. Allow Me.

    Allow Me. Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    May 28, 2009
    Rancho Mirage, Ca.
    I'm a wimp when you talk someone with a scapal slicing near my eyes or my family jewels !
  8. Frank Speak

    Frank Speak Road Train Member

    May 3, 2016
    Did someone say Vampire?

    I had lasic almost 10 years ago. Not a single regret!
  9. Nahbrown

    Nahbrown Light Load Member

    Sep 6, 2021
    Illinois (the sane part)
    I understand completely, after the dugs kicked in it wasn’t bad
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  10. RebelChick

    RebelChick Road Train Member

    Jan 2, 2012
    Coastal VA
    They use lasers now. My husband just had his done end of 22, beginning of 23. Insurance covered the surgery and basic lense implants, but to get the lenses for both near and far, it was $7,000. With a medical CC, and if you pay it off within a specified time frame, it’s interest free. He asked if he could get the upgrade because he was tired of wearing glasses (he only wore them for about 9 years). Yeah, I’m tired of wearing glasses too (30 years!). I don’t have cataracts, though, just astigmatism. Not doing LASIK surgery, though.
  11. rbrtwbstr

    rbrtwbstr Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    in the bush somewhere
    Guess I'm in the wrong part of the country. Around here the night time is worse than the days anymore. I run 78 across PA a lot. Night time sucks across there with all the flip floppers and LTL freight trucks. Daytime is the commuters but they're generally no problem.
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