Not making enough at CREngland

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  1. newtothisrgv

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    Feb 12, 2024
    I should have done more research when I got into this career, but everyone around me at the time kept saying how much money truckers make. So I went with the fastest company on indeed and now I feel stuck. Everyone talks about how bad CRE is, but as long as I don’t have to deal with overnight or weekend crew everything is just fine. I did cdl school with them and now I’m 4 months in OTR reefer and looking for a better option. I don’t mind OTR or reefer, staying out for weeks at a time because I’m trying to buy/build a home for the fam. I had a great December with my worst check coming in at $1300 but now I can’t seem to top $1000 I try my best to max out my 70 while not having to do a 34 hour reset and running on reloads, but I can’t seem to catch a break. I did hit a parked vehicle some time ago with my overhang but no injuries, no tow, and no citation. Talking with drivers at truck stops and reading reviews always leaves me even more confused because you never know if that person has a ####ty attitude and they will never be happy wherever they go or if real. Right now primeinc has my interest because everyone I talk to is walk away lease and telling me how much their checks are after everything (fuel, emergency fund, insurance and payments). If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Am I just experiencing winter and it will get better in a few months or should I jump ship. I figure no matter what I need to wait for 6 month mark.
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  3. Judge

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    Mar 19, 2014
  4. lual

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    Oct 22, 2020
    SW Georgia
    Note that all that talk about what truckers make is for drivers with REAL EXPERIENCE.

    Heck, you're just out of the starting gate. You have yet to get true experience to market.

    Stay where you are for at least 12 months; in the meantime, you might ask for a different account or different routes.

    Also: can you do Lowe's, Home Depot...or Walmart dedicated?

    Job hopping for a supposedly better paycheck is hazardous to your CDL career.

    -- L
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  5. JoeyJunk

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    Dec 31, 2010
    Washington, PA
    Winter and the economy. Large companies only work out for a small majority of lucky drivers. The rest are churned out like dog crap. Read up here and chose a different company. Of course you need to put some time in first.
  6. newtothisrgv

    newtothisrgv Bobtail Member

    Feb 12, 2024
    Had not looked into it. But this is why I posted because I figure I’m so green I wont know what options even are out there
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  7. gentleroger

    gentleroger Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2010
    Freight is always heavy in December and always sucks in January, it should start picking back up.

    If money is the major focus - tankers is the way to go. Good money now, lots of opportunities later for local jobs.

    DO NOT LEASE A TRUCK. I don't care from who, under what terms, it will not work out. At best you'll make company driver money with more stress. At worst you'll end up broke and owing the IRS. If sorting the wheat from the chaff of trucking companies is a struggle for you, you are definitely not ready to own a truck. I'm not trying to insult you, it's just an indication you don't know enough about how the industry works to be successful- yet.

    My best advice is to look at companies that have a terminal near your home and then make some phone calls, asking about pay rates and average miles. Just about anyone who pays on a W2 is going to be better than CRE.
  8. austinmike

    austinmike Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2011
    I’d say stay there for awhile longer. I wouldn’t lease either. Best of Luck
  9. Concorde

    Concorde Road Train Member

    Jun 29, 2016
    West Melbourne Florida
    Stay where you’re at for the time being, everything is crap out here right now. Ignore the Prime Inc drivers bragging about how much they make leasing, lol. Unless they are willing to show you a couple months of settlements to backup their delusions.

    Seriously, imo, going to Prime would be going backwards and your next move would be into a different profession.

    When you max out your 70, try taking a 34 instead of running on recaps. Running on recaps may be preventing your dispatcher from giving you longer runs because they know you don’t have the hours to get it done.
  10. Redfish

    Redfish Light Load Member

    Oct 28, 2015
    After you have six months apply to Marten Transport, they are a decent company and only require six months experience. Whatever you do, DO NOT LEASE a truck
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  11. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    You beat me to it; Marten Transport! Right again; don't lease a truck!
    Marten Transport - Expect the Best
    One driver posted recently, he went to Marten Transport and made enough money to buy a home for his family.

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