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    You are absolutely correct in how these cameras work. In fact, my company “had” the same ones. Now, let’s fast forward from when I first started here 8.5 years ago to today. 8.5 years ago every truck had them in it. We were told the same thing, hard breaking only, hard turns, only go on in an accident. Then every so often, they would spot check us to see if we were wearing our seatbelt, if we were on the phone, eating a donut going down the road and assorted other reasons. I know first hand because I was spot checked one day without my seatbelt on, while on private property trying to back into a tight spot. When I got called into the office, shown the video clip with sound, you’d have thought I got caught banging the safety directors wife.

    Now here we are today. The company did studies, sat down and realized how many drivers they lost because of those cameras, how many drivers told them
    absolutely not because of those cameras and overall time and expense they caused the company. So where are we today? They replaced every camera with a forward facing dash cam only, my new truck and all the other new ones just put on the road, all have dash cams. My point to this? You go ahead and believe it’s about safety, at the end of the day, it’s about money. These cameras cost a ton of money in lost drivers, lost recruiting and empty trucks sitting. I for one am glad a bunch of drivers out there said no thank you to these companies when they heard about driver facing cameras. These companies are finally waking up.

    I’m not even going to get into the discussion about if my record warrants a nanny cam. 41 years of this, 4 million accident free miles, not one oops or incident. Do you think a driver with those numbers needs to be called in about not wearing a seatbelt on private property while backing into a dock at 2 mph? I’ll go to bat for a dash cam, but not one that infringes on my personal life, even if it is the companies truck.

    One last thing, my company isn’t the only one that went this route, I have two close friends at other companies with the same time at their respective companies that I have here, the same record as I have, that yanked the driver facing cameras for the same reasoning, cost/money.
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    Well said sir.
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    You're naive if you believe this.
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