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    When I ran for Prime doing reefer there were times I'd sit for 3 days straight on supposed drop and hook loads. Typically meat packing plants. Tyson was always the worst, had a 4 day hold on a load that was "ready when I got there." The biggest problem with Tyson is they made you stay parked in bobtail parking and fenced in so you couldn't leave. You'd get there, they'd say drop the trailer and come back for you trailer. You'd get back into the office bobtail and they'd tell you to go park in the gated area and wait for a call.

    Always be stocked up on food and drinks in the reefer world. I'd never let rations dip below 1 week. Usually about 10lbs of protein bars, waters, and salted peanuts. Didn't have a fridge/microwave. Was running lightweight division at Prime when I was there.

    Don't forget to get a detention stamp. So that the shipper/receiver can laugh at you and not sign it. 4 days without pay!

    Reefer sucks. Endorsement tests are easy. Get into tanker or doubles or something else is my advice.
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