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    Dec 9, 2013
    Flatbed and TCU (Reefer) are very small divisions at Werner. There are some other specialized accounts, (Bass Pro Boat Hauling/Tracker Marine) but they are tiny in comparison to the van fleet.
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    Dec 17, 2017
    Here are the Werner Detention Details:

    Pay & Detention Requirements

    Pay & Detention Requirements
    Pay Requirements
    To ensure prompt payment, you may fax, email or mail your invoices and documentation.


    • Quick Pay: 402.894.3728
    • New and Current Invoices: 402.894.3837
    • Statements and Past Due Invoices: 402.894.3887

    Please send PDF files and only one attachment per email. You may include multiple invoices in the attachment if needed as long as the file does not exceed 15 MB. Please send the documents in the following order: invoice, tour/rate confirmation sheet, backup documentation (BOL/POD/lumper receipts, etc.)


    Werner Logistics
    Attn: Accounts Payable
    PO Box 45916
    Omaha, NE 68145

    The following information is required for payment:

    • invoice with tour # referenced
    • tour confirmation form
    • signed Proof of Delivery
    NOTE: The amount you invoice Werner Logistics must match the amount authorized on your tour confirmation form. If you incur additional charges and/or delivery requires a change to the amount, you must obtain a revised tour confirmation form reflecting the additional/revised charges. Failure to do so may result in the short payment/non-payment of your invoice.

    Please direct any questions regarding your invoice to Accounts Payable at 800.228.2240, ext. 4596.

    Detention Requirements
    It is imperative the detention procedures are followed in order to ensure proper payment for detention incurred while working a Werner Logistics load. If we do not have proper notification of detention, we may not be able to get notification to and approval from our customer, which means we may not be able to guarantee your payment.

    Any deviation in the below policy can result in a non-payment of detention charges.

    Werner Logistics Detention Contact:

    Phone: 800.228.2240, ext. 4348
    Fax: 866.623.4213

    1. Carrier is to notify Werner Logistics detention contact 60 minutes prior to the free time expiration period so Werner Logistics can notify the customer of a potential detention situation.
    2. Carrier must provide the following information:
      • tour #
      • scheduled appointment time
      • driver arrival time
    3. After detention has occurred, carrier must also provide:
      • driver unload time
      • number of hours of detention
      • detention charges
    Note: Werner Logistics Guidelines: minimum two hours free time dependent upon the account for whom you are hauling. Werner Logistics deals with many shippers and all do not have the same requirements.

    If detention situation occurs after hours, on a weekend or holiday, you must notify the detention contact no later than the next business day.

    1. Tour Confirmation Form: the responsible booking project/broker contact will re-issue the corrected tour confirmation form with the applicable detention dollars and send to the carrier of record.
      • a properly executed tour confirmation form is mandatory for the carrier to be paid. If you do not receive a corrected tour confirmation form from the booking project/broker contact showing detention charges, call them and ensure you receive one. It is your guarantee of payment for the detention.
    2. Bill of Lading: the customer must sign BOLs and have the in/out times noted.
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    May 19, 2009
    There is no detention. This is because the solo dispatchers are completely incompetent and it would cost millions of dollars a year.

    The team division is much better and detention really isn't required. Delays are significantly more rare, by an order of magnitude.
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    May 19, 2009
    And the recruiters aren't being dishonest, they actually don't know better because the account managers are in charge of pay.

    They do their best to be honest, but they have to rely on whatever the managers put on the account. This may or may not be accurate, but usually it's within 1-2cpm.
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