Reminder to File and Renew your Permits, UCR, License Plate

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  1. YFNAbdi

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    Nov 30, 2020
    It’s that time again folks!

    1. File your IFTA Return
    2. Renew your IFTA
    3. Renew your license plate
    4. Renew your NYHUT
    5. Renew your UCR
    6. Renew your KYU (Kentucky)
    7. Renew your New Mexico Permit
    8. Renew your Oregon Permit
    9. Renew your Insurance if you need to
    10. Sign that new contract for your ELD
    11. Start getting ready for the winter
    12. Save money on Parts using my thread Important Parts & Service Discount Programs for Owner Ops/ Small Fleets
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