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    I remember sitting in the I-5 Redding CA TA/76 and everything north above us was "Absolutely CLOSED"

    if you have questions, what part of CLOSED don't you understand.

    Here comes this 4 wheeler in a sort of a suit to us at the fuel desk waving a map and asking us if a two lane road that takes east over the summit and then north back over the summit into Oregon somehow. Convoluted.

    Collectively we all told him get a hotel room, no one is going that way tonight. Otherwise you will meet 10 foot drifts in hurricane force winds. Why do you think this truckstop is full of strong truckers with big powerful vehicles hiding among the forest waiting for the high way to open again. Someday.

    He said I'll have to call my boss. You cold hear the pin drop. He comes back out and says I gotta go got into his car and headed north towards the convulted two laner waiting for him with two summit cresting in between along the mountain range.

    Ive done some stupid outrageously crazy stuff in my life, almost threw it away for nothing. But off he drove.

    In those days of the mid 90's or so dispatch was always accomodating when you the captian of the ship decides enough is enough and take shelter in a storm.
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    I gotta ask, did anyone ever see that guy again?
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