Schneider Company Driver Review-ish?

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  1. Gamecock Taylor

    Gamecock Taylor Bobtail Member

    Dec 16, 2019
    Hello Everyone,

    A few weeks ago I decided to move on from Schneider after two years of employment. Initially, I thought against writing a review, but now feel it's necessary to give my perspective to help my fellow drivers or soon to be drivers make a more informed decision with their career.

    *Disclaimer* This is based on my own personal experiences, and my experiences alone. DO NOT take everything I say as fact, because everybody's situation is different.
    • Understand why you are here, and know your worth.

    Schneider, like every other Mega-Carrier, should be treated as a starting point and nothing more. You are using them for experience, and they are using you for cheap labor. You are insignificant, a seven digit driver number and nothing more than that. My recommendation is to spend at least a year-to-three here at the most. Learn as much as possible, make mistakes (not too many), figure out what you want/like to do and leave for a better compensated position. Every year you stay the pay between comparable companies will widen more and more, don't leave money on the table… Don't make lateral moves.
    • Diversity

    Schneider offers a wide range of dedicated accounts and schedules to fit your needs, you're not strictly stuck with being OTR or Regional if you don't want to be (depending on your area). From my experience working dedicated is better since it's more consistent work and a lot less sitting at truck stops waiting for the load planner to dispatch you.
    • Safety
    They are annoyingly uptight about safety, mostly critical events. Some trucks are more susceptible to them than others, but they are going to happen… Just explain and move on with your day, don't beat yourself up over it. I know this is a big issue around here, but don't be so ready to tell on yourself if you get into a situation you can get yourself out of. We all make mistakes, but if you can pay the wrecker bill or pay for a body part to be replaced do it. If not, you will get a preventable accident that will be on your DAC report for seven years or possibly risk termination.
    • Analytics
    Your DBL will be on your back about these main things:

    • Idle Time

    • Cruise Control %

    • Overspeed %

    • MPG

    • Fuel Solutions
    If you don't meet their goals they will hound you till they are fixed or take you off the road for training. My advice, you're the captain of your own ship but your job performance better be high enough for them to tolerate you not listening… Like me.
    • Equipment

    Fleet life is obviously short, new trucks come in all the time. If you want a new one, just keep complaining everyday and they'll find one somewhere. Used trucks are beatdown and damaged, they service the trucks every 80,000 miles so it's expected. Trailers take a beating as well, people will leave flat tires and burnt out signal lights for you so be prepared. The shop does the bare minimum, which isn't their fault, it's what Schneider demands to maintain the warranty. If you are not that far from an OC and need a tire change, go over there and get it done, do not call Emergency Maintenance… You will wait two hours for someone to replace your tire.
    • Talking on the phone

    If you do not know it's prohibited, but it didn't stop me or a lot of people I know from doing it… Just be smart, don't be on your phone two miles from the OC. Don't be a snitch either, they don't pay you enough to be a boy scout.
    • Overnight Services/Hazmat Hotline

    Prepare yourself to be on hold for significant amounts of time if you need to call support after 5:00pm up until 7:00am. If you have a Hazmat Endorsement, be prepared to talk to very rude and impatient people that are hard to understand every time you're dispatched on such a load . You have been warned.
    • OC's/Operating Centers/Drop Lots

    I've only been to Atlanta, Charlotte, and Carlisle, PA OC's but use them to your advantage. It's easier to get a shower, fuel, etc. + you don't have to worry about the usual shady stuff that goes on at truck stops. They are nothing special to look at but you have most of what you need there. Use drop lots as places to park when you can as well, most of them will have a portajohn out there for you to use if need be.
    • Call ahead/ETA/NAT

    From my experience being regional for a short time, you will be given loads with a wide ranging pick-up/delivery time. Call ahead to the facility you're picking up from or delivering to and see if you can come early, this way you can maximize your time and money. ETA's can be updated as you go along but NAT at least over the road is very important to keep updated, but still doesn't mean you will get a load anytime soon. On dedicated accounts it's not as important to keep your ETA/NAT updated, just send them a message or call saying you're ready for your next load.
    • Additional information

    You cannot make U-Turns on the roadway, I have, be sensible about it. They will make you pay for overweight tickets. Trucks now go 65 at the moment. Free boots every year + company store points for safe driving. Monotonous safety training videos every month. Tan shirt trainers will tell on you. Other driver's are friendly for the most part.

    Overall, my experience with Schneider was good and would recommend them to anybody starting out in the business. Use Schneider as a platform for bigger and better things in your career, if you desire to do so. They have some real ### backwards ways of doing things but I still appreciate the opportunity they gave me and might give you. This turned out to be more tips than a review but I hope this helps you make a better decision.

    Year 1: $36,000 (Gross)

    Year 2: $55,000 (Gross)
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  3. Frank Speak

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    May 3, 2016
    Hot Springs, AR
    Will you re-type your post so we TTR veterans can read it?

    We need you to type it in one, extremely long, run-on sentence. Please ensure it contains no punctuation, paragraphs or any type of verbiage that makes any sense.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but that’s what we’ve become accustomed too.
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  4. BM 58

    BM 58 Light Load Member

    Jun 25, 2019
    Frank is correct. Most of the mirror foggers that read this stuff won’t understand unless you ramble on. Well written post though. An honest review of what most mega’s are all about. Like any mega if you can survive a year or two without tearing up equipment you can open a door to a decent job. And not just move on to another mega mistake like some cats on this site seems to do.
  5. Gamecock Taylor

    Gamecock Taylor Bobtail Member

    Dec 16, 2019
    I should've known better. One extremely long paragraph with spelling errors and rambling only catches the attention over here... I have failed my TTR brethren lol.

    Thank you. It really boggles my mind to see how many people will leave Mega-A for Mega-B and feel they have accomplished something.
  6. LtlAnonymous

    LtlAnonymous Road Train Member

    Dec 23, 2016
    I think this is an invaluable write up for new drivers. Any information I have on Schneider would be 17 years old, and completely obsolete.

    That said, it feels like the more things change over there, the more they stay the same. A lot of what I would have to say about Schneider still applies.
  7. REO6205

    REO6205 Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Feb 15, 2014
    You did just fine. That was probably the best write-up on a mega that I've ever seen on TTR.
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  8. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    Which company do you drive for now?
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  9. LtlAnonymous

    LtlAnonymous Road Train Member

    Dec 23, 2016
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  10. Gamecock Taylor

    Gamecock Taylor Bobtail Member

    Dec 16, 2019
    I drive for a small asphalt/raw materials company that pulls their own product in my hometown. Can't really give specifics at the moment, but I'm paid $19.50 an hour and get OT after 40. Consistent 60 hour weeks and work is only 12 minutes away from home, can't beat it.
  11. KaoMinerva

    KaoMinerva Road Train Member

    Feb 5, 2016
    I originally made the "hurt" face at the pay, then remembered what it was like making .30 at Werner myself. It's a #### shame trucking doesn't pay livable wages given the responsibility a driver has. I know you have to start somewhere, but man... Pay hasn't really changed in over 20 years I heard.
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