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  1. supersnackbar

    supersnackbar Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    Your Town, USA
    I noticed the other day when I was coming down I-81 that the Volvo plant employees are on strike...what a bunch of King size Richards. It's bad enough that there equipment shortages due to component shortages...but to purposely stop working to cause even more problems....this kind of bull-crap is why I HATE unions....they should put high pressure lawn sprinklers that hose down the entire area where these people set up, and run them 24/7...or just shoot them with tranquilizer darts and transport them out into death valley with 2 bottles of water each along with their UAW picket signs and tent. Either way, problem solved. Better yet, take a lesson from a fictional movie from the 80's called Gung Ho....close the plant and move operations elsewhere...let them picket an empty plant.
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  3. iraqralph43

    iraqralph43 Road Train Member

    Jan 9, 2012
    Where will the Chicago / Russian.....fleese purchase / 1099 trucking companies...get their white Volvo now...if the strike continues
  4. tbac

    tbac Light Load Member

    Oct 27, 2012
    Central Ohio
    Used to think same way until I worked at GM during my college years to help finance my education. In 1970, Chrysler was the UAW target and almost had a deal when Chrysler backed off. Turns out they backed away due to pressure from GM who actually NEEDED a strike while they fixed issues with the Vega statrup at Lordstown Assembly and the clamshell tailgates on station wagons.

    UAW under Ruther would not strike GM because the number of members that would be on the picket line would drain the strike fund fairly quickly. Inasmuch as GM needed the strike, they actually helped fund the 1970 strike from Sept until mid Nov by a loan of over $50 million to the UAW. All documented in a book The Company and the Union. I have since wondered how many strikes are a bit of collusion.
  5. gentleroger

    gentleroger Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2010
    How should workers obtain redress for grievances when the company tells the workers to pound sand?
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  6. Winnyf1

    Winnyf1 Road Train Member

    Jan 14, 2015
    Evansville, IN
    Lol I hear Sweeden's nice this time of year...
  7. 88 Alpha

    88 Alpha Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    May 12, 2012
    SouthEast Alabama
    If SSB wants his thread to remain open, he will encourage everyone to knock of the discussion about unions.
  8. Deadwood

    Deadwood Medium Load Member

    Dec 24, 2016
    Because free thinking, free speaking men are dangerous to certain ideologies, right comrade?
  9. Lonesome

    Lonesome Mr. Sarcasm

    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    Tread lightly, my friend.....
  10. runningman0661

    runningman0661 Road Train Member

    Mar 5, 2009
    Clover, South Carolina
    God forbid you bash unions.
  11. supersnackbar

    supersnackbar Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    Your Town, USA
    Another day...another reefer problem. 15 minutes before dropping and -beep- 'your reefer has a yellow code'. I look back at the I look back a minute or two later, yellow, then switches to green...some sort of starter solenoid circuit fault which is odd because I had it on continuous mode (and it wasn't trying to start while running). Contacted breakdown, they said as long as it's holding temp on continuous, go ahead and drop it at the consignee and they will send someone to fix it after it's empty, there was nothing they could do with it loaded since they had to shut it off to fix it, they didn't want to chance it not starting back up, even if it was a quick fix.

    Now I am at the TA outside San Antonio. Ops said they're waiting on something for my next load, so they didn't send anything, just said head in the direction of Houston...this is as far as I felt like going today...between truck issues, trailer issues, micromanagement issues, and all the piss poor load planning I have had this month, July can't get here soon enough.
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