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    Aug 8, 2011
    Does anyone have any advice for me, I'm making the switch from Freight Broker to Truck Driver. I picked Stevenson as the company I want to work for. But I've herd nothing but bad review about this company and every other company out there. But atleast Stevenson has the least bad reviews. Can anyone tell me something postive about stevenson? or advice for me I leave in a week to go to Dallas
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    May 6, 2010
    Dallas, TX
    First of all, it's Stevens Transport.
    I work for Stevens and can tell you they are a standup organization that takes training and safety seriously.
    There are a lot of procedures, but that shows organization and thought.
    They are a by the book operation.
    Safety department actually does trump all others.
    The equipment is late model and maintained excellently.
    All trucks have an APU.
    You are not fronting money for repairs, lumpers, fuel or anything else.
    They have a lot of good accounts, plenty of freight, but like any other company, there are slow periods. Usually not long, but they exist.
    Stevens is a refrigerated company and hauls a lot of produce. Just so you're aware, hauling produce can mean multiple picks over an entire day, sometimes stretching into the next day.
    Average run for a solo driver is around 800 miles (I think)
    Clients include Tyson, Kraft, Pillsbury, General Foods, Taylor Farms, Cambells Soup, and more.
    Training is thorough. When you complete your training and work for Stevens for two years, there is almost no one that will not want you.
    Training is longer than many companies. First a week in the yard, then 5 weeks with a trainer. Then another week in the yard and three weeks with a trainer. Then you're out solo. During the training time, you're paid (not a lot, but enough to keep the wolf away from the door!). When you go solo, you start out at 0.26 mi and by the end of your first year, you're at 0.30.
    Stevens is financially sound (an important question to ask these days), and they have never tried to beat me out of a penny. They do what they say.
    But they are structured. If you're a free spirit, if you want to run on the ragged edge of legal, then you're probably going to have problems there.
    Any other questions?
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    Im thinking Stevenson transportation are they good with home time and can u get showers while while ur with a trainer
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    Why do they pay 1990 wages?
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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Have you seen the unemployment numbers? Everyone and their grandmother is changing careers. Because of that, and the tremendous amount of warm bodies, they can. But, I must say, if anyone needs a training company, Stevens is they way to go.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    Or you could go to Schneider and you could actually maintain a little bit of a life out of the truck and away from work even while training. Just a thought.
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    Oct 9, 2010
    It is NOT Stevenson Transport. Unless your in the wrong section.
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    and it's Werner not Warner Bros!:biggrin_2559:Uesd to hear that alot in CDL school.
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    Cool so there is a Stevens Transport on earth II i see.:biggrin_2559:

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    Aug 10, 2011
    I have worked since I was fourteen years old. I have been in customer service since I was sixteen years old and my husband has been number one everywhere he works since 1995. He is the American Man. He works hard and complains only to me. He gives 300% because he would expect the same for himself. As far as he is concerned it is one thing to know your worth and want to paid better, but it is another thing to use pathetic pay as an excuse to come up short. With that being said. I wouldn't trust a Stevens Employee as far as I could kick them. There was a post I read where BB King broke down Stevens to a "T". The original hotel driver-trainee's stay in is comparable to one from a movie used for prostitutes. I had to pray my husband didn't come back with some kind of skin issue. Another drive did but gladly it wasn't mine. Carol is mentioned and I must say I did not speak to her so I do not know her customer service skills personally. However, where I used to work I had three or four people come in and comment on her attitude. My husband left after training and awaited a call back (with a two weeks notice submitted) regarding how to payback the loan. He never received a call regarding the tuition. He received a call about a survey. One week later a gentlemen from a collection agency called and informed my husband his tuition immediately becomes $6k as soon as his file hits collections desk. Mind you Stevens never called him back or answered his calls to find out how to pay the tuition back. They just passed the bill off. In addition there is another 30% added making a total bill of about $8k. Nice right? The lack of communication is insane. I told my husband in the beginning to leave this company because I felt they weren't trustworthy. I told him in business your word is your signature and these people bend the )))) out of the truth. He is a loyal hard worker and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Now he will have to pay back a rediculous amount of money that started at a modest $4k. Did I mention his first trip out on his own they gave him a truck that had repowered over 20 times. The think broke down on him and he was stranded. The money tcheck didn't work for the hotel stay and the card was declinded. He had to use $70 of our money to pay for the room. Mind you they already pay you like an immigrant so it's not like you have any money. In that situation another driver comes to get your trailer (to ensure delivery...good customer service here) however if that driver does not turn in his paperwork you do not get paid. So, you have to trust a random stranger to ensure payment. If you leave the company before the year is over they also keep the check they held from your first payday. Also, you never really see where your money is going. The pay you are promised is not recieved and you don't know where it is going. Stevens reps can say what they want. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have worked as a dispatcher and move coordinator for Bekins International. I owned a Salon and served as a consultant for many other business. I also just recently discontinued my services as a loan officer. I am not your ordinary truckers wife that sits at home barefoot and pregnant. I am an educated (college thank you) woman with a diverse background. We believe respect is offered and then the opportunity to continue to receive it is earned. So right off the mark Stevens was held with respect in our family. Now I will do everything under the sun to keep other families from dealing with these people. If you make minimum wage, have no education and no where to turn, are deperate and have no issue with water, lights and food not being in and on at your house by all means STEVENS is the place to go. Luckily, I work or we would be in this position as one of the gentlemen my husband befriended at STEVENS is. His wife and kids have nothing because what he was told he would get and do was a falsity.:biggrin_25510:
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