T-Force/What's It Like Starting Out Here?

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    If you're talking about T-Force, it depends on where you're at. In Salt Lake City, they're offering $28/hr with .65cpm to start for line haul drivers. OT is anytime after 8 hrs in a day/ 40 hrs in a week. Health insurance after 90 days, 401k after a year as well as pension. They're still under UPS contract until 2023 and Im not sure whats gonna happen then.
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    I've also run across another post indicating that T-Forces contract won't be up until 2023. That is a bit too up in the air for me.

    Ordinarily, I like the idea of working for the Union, given the protections that they offer an employee; but it seems like a lot of union shops make you go through a bunch of hoops before getting paid at top scale.

    This makes me lean towards Old Dominion, Estes, or Dayton Freight for their benefits and starting pay.
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    TForce is up in the air right now. New owner, but same management. Our support is being provided for the next 2 years for transitional purposes. Big Brown is still handling our HR, our ELD management, Central dispatching and all supervisors and management.

    We are also on a "Trim the Fat" purge. Our sales force has just been drastically reduced. They are transitioning to virtual/web sales. Or, the burden is being placed on Terminal Managers/Service Center Managers.

    Oh yea, HR, safety, hiring and even cleaning/sanitation is being dumped on the TM's/CSM's.

    Our new owners are trying to improve our fleet condition and reduce repair expenses by leasing new equipment with maintenance plans. But that fell short due to the semi-conducter chip shortage. The 2,000 plus new trucks that we were suppose to take by now, has been dropped to just 500. The backlog is about a year out.

    The union and our contract..... When TFI bought us, they voluntarily honored our current Union Master Agreement that is set to expire in August of 2023(5 year contract). They are union friendly, but not 100% union.

    We have already seen what trimming the fat is doing. Our current medical benefits are protected by our contract, until 8/2023. However, our elective coverage's have already been increased. Long term disability, life insurance, etc. RUMOR has it, this will happen to our primary health/dental in the next contract negotiations. I've already heard we will go from no cost to sharing 50-80% of the premium. Yes, a RUMOR... but not far fetched for all the fat trimming.

    Day shift is OT after 8 in a day and after 40 total.
    Night shift is the same, but since we are paid mileage, that stops the hourly clock. Seldom does a night driver accumulate enough non-driving hours to ever see OT, unless they are local/shuttle drivers. Anything under 62 miles(I believe) pays hourly.

    The good part about TForce, is all your time is paid the minute you clock in. Either by hourly(all duties not driving) or mileage. Except your mandatory lunch break(30 minutes).

    The bad part is, the current 4 year progression to get to the good pay. No one wants to spend the 4 years it takes to make top scale when everyone else is hiring at top wage, and even with a bonus. We are at least 6 months to a year behind, in offering incentives to hire new people. And even then, we are NOT offering top scale!

    Our senior drivers have already started retiring. Others (like me) are waiting to see how we come out of the transition in the next 2 years. I'm holding my breath to see the good in having a freight company run like a freight company. We are, and always have been UPS's red-headed adopted step-child. We were a selling point for package services (if you send your packages with us, we'll cut you a ludicrous deal on ground freight). In the 14ish years that Big Brown owned us, our Operating Ratio was always 98-99%. Two years, we were in the red. You can't survive on a 1-2% OR profit.

    In just the first 3 months TFI owned us, our OR dropped to 90.1%. Almost a 10% increase in profit, just because we stopped shipping FREE or nearly free freight. The truckers motto has always been "Stop hauling cheap freight"! Well, we have.

    Unfortunately, along with the purchase by TFI, was an agreement for a 5 year support contract with UPS.

    The colors of our uniforms and the name has changed, but if you work here, nothing has changed......
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