The Do's and Don'ts at Landstar

Discussion in 'Landstar' started by InternationalTrucker, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Yes, I go to a certain shop that is trust worthy myself. Far as I am concerned not being able to get a advance on your card is the same problem as being locked. It eventually will get your attention. Its interesting how I see many Landstar trailers months behind on inspections, yet our own equipment is scrutinized much more. Personally I think 120 days is a bit much. Twice a year would more then satisfy DOT and maintain a equally safe record. I guess Landstar feels that it has older trucks out there that need to be kept in repair and its Landstar's way of monitoring it.
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    I can deal with 120 as I'm pretty sure we have the oldest average tractor age of large fleets. If I was a true OTR guy I'd have a newer truck, but it's hard to go our one week and stay around the house the next two with a $2,500 payment
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    HERE HERE! I like being able to come home and relax the last thing I want is another monkey on my back and a new truck payment they are over the top! The 120's aren't bad they keep me on top of my truck and it gives me a bit of peace O mind type thing. I use a good shop and they let me know if they see something going bad/wrong
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    We were with CRST and bought a new trailer in 2010. Six months earlier we had $200 bucks, to our name. Yeah, it can be that easy.

    Never haul a load with multiple trip numbers and stops. You will be screwed.
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    Hey Dewey, Chuck are things looking in Southern Cali?
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    Couple things. This is an old thread, but since my trailer just got scrapped by insurance (New Orleans, police routing around a marathon, lost a fight with a tree branch) I'm looking into pulling a LS van for awhile.
    I can't find any preloaded that will book the load without an empty going in. I couldn't get an answer on who to call for an empty, and BCO Services never returned the call.
    Someone said Landstar can't lock your fuel card. I've got news for you, they locked mine when my annual review was late due to the hurricane closing Jacksonville and my email not being read on time. I couldn't fuel until I resent the email for the Rockford folks. I've had it done a few times for various idiocy. Usually it's cleared up fairly quickly, but they will do it. They put you OOS, and that fuel card is useless. The settlement card might work; I haven't had the forethought to check it on those rare occasions, being I had stuff to clear up.
    I'm hoping this is the last weekend I'm sitting in Hammond. Insurance isn't going to pay out for a couple weeks, and I do not want to buy a new trailer until I can get home and take the time to shop around. Then again, if these comments still hold true, it looks like I might have the time.
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    Trailer utilization is who you need to speak to. Look under agency code SOS for repowers to get a trailer quicker. If an agent needs a preload badly, they might release a trailer from their pool. Just gotta ask enough times.
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