TMC. Yes or No?

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  1. Obcdablessed

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    Jun 11, 2019
    5 weeks
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    Jan 24, 2014
    In some cases Yes...There is too much wasted Time-That doesn't Need to happen.

    By all means,If you feel unsafe and want to throw Nose and Tail Straps over shingles..Go Right Ahead- My personal Time is just as important though.

    Same with Throwing Bulkheads on Rebar- It aint going nowhere unless you really sget on the brakes- Which means your driving too fast for safe distance anyway.
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  3. Obcdablessed

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    Jun 11, 2019
    You basically put your foot in your mouth just now. If a four wheeler cuts you off and forces you to slam on brakes it helps to have that extra protection for forward movement. I out two straps on front pallet and xstrap it and two on the last pallet and I’m a 6 month driver and never had a load claim. But I do often see other companies and so called veteran drivers on the side of the road with shifted loads and crushed in headache racks all because they felt throwing extra securement was a waste of time. Hmm... wonder why lol
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    May 24, 2016
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    I prefer the Wylie side, but I hear your guys terminal is the bomb
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    Dec 22, 2018
    Yeah idk about Wylie not as good as cotc from the recruiter I talked too. Our terminal is nice pretty small but we have vans we can take places maintence is fast gym there is a kitchen with cook makes good food nice views rooms at the terminal showers all that stuff
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    Apr 10, 2015
    You go to orientation in Ankeny, IA for 2 weeks (1 wk if experienced). If you make it through orientation, they get you a rental and you usually go home that weekend. Then, you'll meet up with your trainer either Sunday or Monday (sometimes, depending on where you live, if they dont have any available trainers it may be a week or more until you meet up with your trainer, but this typically only happens if you live in the middle of nowhere). You'll then train for 5 weeks. How often you get home is up to your trainer. Most trainers like to go home every weekend, but some like to stay out. TMC only requires trainers to get you home once during the 5 weeks. Also, its good to have a trainer who lives somewhat near to you so you go home when they do, otherwise if you and your trainer live far from each other, when they go home you get a hotel, or if they try to get you home, they'll get a hotel or stay in the truck over the weekend. Also, with two drivers in the truck you wont be picking up local stuff. TMC can shoot you half way across the country and back within 1 week w two guys in the truck.

    In terms of pay, it depends on 3 things really; how long you stay out, your fleet mgr, and what part of the country your running. The longer you stay out the more you make typically. Freight in the south, everything south of dallas/ft worth, all of louisianna, mississippi, alabama, georgia, florida sucks. typically doesnt pay much. so if you want home every weekend and live in those areas your not gonna make much. I heard that drivers living in those areas must stay out for 2 wks at a time because freight is slow down there, but cant confirm. But if you stay out over the weekend where your fm can get you into a good freight lane you'll make more. Also, freight in the northeast has been sucking as of late too. Extreme northern areas like Wisconson, Minnesota have poor freight. Id say your average driver who goes home every weekend probably does about $50k a year. But I have seen driver who live in high paying freight areas that go home weekly and hit near $70k. I also know drivers who stay out a month at a time who do about $80k. And trainers usually make the most because they drive more with 2 guys in the truck.

    Home time is every weekend once you get your own truck, if you want. Like I said it *might* be every 2 wks if you live in the south. But while training, it's up to your trainer when you go home. In orientation they might tell you you go home every weekend during training. This isnt necessarily so, Its up to your trainer.

    In terms of dispatch, not sure what your asking. Once your done with the 5 wks training, you go home that weekend. Either you or another new guy will get a rental and head back up to Des Moines or Brownsburg for your final road testing. If you pass that theyll assign you a fleet manager. If your new fm is based out of that terminal youll meet them that same day. You might get your truck in Des Moines, or at another terminal. If its at another terminal theyll get you a rental to go there. Once you get your truck you can ask to go home that weekend but depending on where you live versus where you pick up your truck it may be 2 weeks until you get home. For instance if you pick up your truck in Brownsburg, Indiana on a Tuesday, but live in San Antonio, Tx. It would likely be difficult to get you from Indiana to the center of Texas within 3 days, but not impossible.

    Sorry to be so long. Theres much to know.
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