Too cool for a headache rack?

Discussion in 'Flatbed Trucking Forum' started by justcarhaulin, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. justcarhaulin

    justcarhaulin Light Load Member

    Jul 20, 2015
    From time to time i've come across news of an accident involving a flatbed hauling steel without a headache rack. Sometimes these accidents are fatal. There was one in nj where someone cut of f a flatbed at a traffic light and the steel beams came thru the cab. On the show highway thru hell, a womans life was spared when the headache rack stopped the sliding steel beams from tearing in the cab. Ive seen alot of really nice tricked out o/o rigs hauling steel that strapped instead of chained. Is it really worth looking great rolling down the road while you life might be in danger? I know nothing in life is guaranteed but wouldn't you want to take precautions? Stay safe.
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  3. I prefer my head ache rack since it offers me storage for equipment.

    Some shippers won't load you unless you have a rack, It's shipper required.

    I also realize my rack won't stop a 17k lb coil if it decides to roll forward. Due to a sudden movement of the steering or braking.

    Flatbedding takes skill, you can see it every day. Nice tight tarps vs torn flapping tarps. Straps that are secure while some are off and almost dragging into tires.

    It is all on the quality of the training of the flatbed driver. You can't just load and close the doors. And expect all to be well in the world.
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  4. Paddlewagon

    Paddlewagon Light Load Member

    Sep 17, 2017
    Llano Estacado
    .......BOOM!!! No words have ever been more true!!
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  5. AModelCat

    AModelCat Road Train Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    I think headache racks make a truck look better. Then again growing up around logging every truck had them so maybe I'm biased.
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  6. blairandgretchen

    blairandgretchen Road Train Member

    Dec 9, 2011
    South west Missouri
    You can have those coils and hodgepodge steel beam loads. I don’t even own coil racks.

    More power to guys and gals that haul it - I’ll find something else.
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  7. rydr

    rydr Light Load Member

    Jan 8, 2019
    no headache rack will stop a load of pipe from comming at you after a quick stop at 65 mph. I dont like them i think they are usually overpriced and really dont offer much extra storage. plus they clutter up the back of the truck which looks ugly
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  8. D.Tibbitt

    D.Tibbitt Road Train Member

    Apr 26, 2013
    Gettin' down westbound
    I dont think alot of that is nesssairly the no headache racks fault, i see alot of flatbed drivers hauling ### putting themselves in bad position and not having anywhere to go should the #### ht the fan .. Now granted no amount of safe driving can keep you away from getting cut off at a stop light or things of that nature but it just might give u the little extra room and save your life, with steel loads, beams, coils,pipes,tubing , or anything that can easily move, there is no reason to be hauling ### especially in a city with stop lights and alot of traffic,
  9. Yankee02

    Yankee02 Bobtail Member

    Mar 31, 2019
  10. Yankee02

    Yankee02 Bobtail Member

    Mar 31, 2019
    So headache racks are not a requirement?
  11. Ridlingdj

    Ridlingdj Medium Load Member

    Dec 12, 2018
    Some companies require them but no there is no law saying that you need to install one on your truck I think that if we get to that point the government will make it mandatory for trailer manufacturers to install them on trailers
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