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    Do not use a broker that lies about delivery date.

    This is regarding a load I booked with TQL last December. We agreed and booked it for delivery on Sunday December 10th at 2 AM.

    The problem in this case is that the Receiver never receives on Sunday AM because they open Sunday night and start receiving Monday AM.

    Sunday during the day the shipper, Brad from Schafer fisheries Thomson IL, spoke with my driver and asked him why he arrived so early. He helped to get my truck unloaded Sunday night so that my driver wouldn’t have to wait until 2 AM on Monday

    My truck was unloaded Sunday 9 PM only because he was sitting there since 11:30 PM on Saturday and begged them to take him so he can go somewhere where he will have access to a restroom and food, otherwise he would have had to wait until Monday 2 AM when the original delivery was scheduled.

    On Monday TQL (Joseph Timberlake) lied again when he said that his customer gave him the wrong delivery date. This is a LIE!

    I spoke with Brad from Schafer fisheries Thomson IL to confirm the delivery and Brad emailed me the original email send to TQL when asking to move this shipment.

    TQL (broker) simply wanted to get away with $250 layover when the extra day was going to be quoted much more due to the expenses: Driver pay $300 per day, Reefer fuel frozen -10F for 24 hours and truck fuel to idle 24 hours plus one day for insurance, registration, permits… and of course one more day carrier profit. The rate was going to be about $800 more, but the TQL agent figured out a way to cheat the carrier and get away with $250. He pushed me few times to submit detention when we all know that detention is up to the layover compensation… This is another trick that they do.

    I did offer to settle with them for $400 and this is under my cost. After 3 weeks of debates, carrier relation gets involved, risk management gets involved, they paid the $400 but rated me as a high risk and now I am on Do Not Use forever with TQL. Simply because I was trying to cover the added expense which arose due to TQL quoting the wrong date for delivery.

    After working with them since 2006 and being 100% on time with no fall off or other problems, now I am branded the “bad guy” for trying to protect my company. I have all of the proof documenting the conversation with the broker and their Confirmation showing the wrong date. If you choose to work with TQL, beware!

    Also read all of the reviews and think why I am not the only one accusing them of lie.

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    Think they would treat you better?

    Drive up in truck with a sign and advertise at their officeTgem drive around town and park in a legal spot.
    You’re not soliciting, you have business there.

    Why is this in bad trucking company?
    Bad broker.
    I won’t haul for them.
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