Trailer Door Open Legal?

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by DirtyBob, Nov 5, 2011.

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    TORQUE WRENCH, you are right, and I just knew I would hear it from a Mechanic, which Im pretty sure you are or were. The rollers would definitely fall apart, and the hinges would definitely brake. I think C.C and the others answered the laws on this also. But our mechanic would have a fit, finding out we left the door up while driving.
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    Yeah, your right. Why would anyone want to take the chance on spending time either on the side of the road or at a scale having the officers look at everything else on the truck. Being legal doesn't mean its a good idea.
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    with regard to trailer doors being damaged (even tho thats not really what the original question was about) sometimes people shuttle or go really short distances that requires going only briefly on a public street..but i think the question that hasn't really been answered here is, is driving an empty (meaning no cargo to fasten) with the door, or doors open, but SECURED (as written to be required in the regulation), would this be illegal? for people asking why take a chance, thats a different question..what i would want to know is, if you did get stopped for this im curious as to whether driving like this is technically illegal or would just be good knowledge to have
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    he says 7 years later.....
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    I don’t leave them open anywhere, even on a customers lot. All I need is for my luck to kick in and a door break loose and smack something expensive.

    Edit. I only open when backing in dock or dropping trailer. I won’t ride around lot with them open.
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    They can't be secured open, since the latch is involved with closing them. They have to be latched to be secured. Just because a door can be propped in an open position for docking purposes doesn't make it secure for driving.

    Also, the latch may have to be locked to be secure, since the roll up doors have been know to open themselves.

    Here's a story about that: Uhaul Trailer Rental / defective trailer
    "I was not told that a lock should be used to keep the door closed and there are no stickers or other information on the trailer suggesting this either. At some point on my return from New York, the trailer door opened and my cargo fell out onto the highway. I was not aware that this had happened until further down the road when the state police stopped me to inform me that something had fallen out of the trailer and caused an accident."

    For practical purposes, if everyone is driving around with open doors, it would be harder for the police to track down a truck with cargo falling off of it.

    Usually the freight must be braced with bars or straps inside, so that it won't fly out through the door, whether it is open or closed. The bracing equipment should also be secured in an enclosed empty trailer.


    See how the door popped open there...
    What if the motorcyclist had a door coming down on his head? This could be worse...

    Riding the Door... "Is a very bad idea. Although often done in the industry, riding the door puts drivers at risk for various types of injuries: falls, strains and, in the case of this Washington driver, crush injuries."
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    If it’s empty there isn’t any problem with it.
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    A swinging door in traffic isn't a problem?
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