Tri Star Energy (Nashville TN)

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    Tri Star Energy | Wholesale Fuel Distributors | Middle Tennessee

    I was watching a YouTube video, and to hear the guy talk, they will actually train drivers and put them through school. They have daycabs, so it appears to be local and not OTR. Can this be a good company to at least get experience in hauling fuel in order to get a sweet job later on? Later in the video, a guy driving for Circle K said he originally started out at Tri Star.

    I currently have right at 12 months of driving a tractor-trailer dump truck (10-speed). I have a hazmat/tanker endorsement, but no exp. hauling that type of load. What are your thoughts? Theoretically if I could get hired on somewhere like Pilot/Circle K/Flying J, that’d be fantastic, but those are very competitive jobs.
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    Must be ok because there's no driver job openings. I just checked the website and it doesn't show anything about driver qualifications or experience, etc.
    Try Eagle Transport:
    This shows an opening in Nashville:
    Eagle Transport Corporation | CDL Truck Driver Jobs in Tennessee
    Eagle Transport Corporation | Truck Driver Jobs | Rocky Mount, NC
    Eagle Transport Corporation is a trucking company that offers Class A CDL tanker driver jobs in various states
    Click Each Location for Contact Information
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  4. TNSquire

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    Oct 13, 2016
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    With no gas experience, your options are limited to Eagle, Pilot, Tri Star, and a couple others I’m having cranial flatulence on at the moment.
    You have the advantage of having some seat time, which puts you ahead of students, and that’s huge.
    Eagle Nashville is hiring heavy at the moment.
    I see tri star trucks at the racks all the time, but i cannot speak to their pay or schedule or whatnot.
    The equipment looks good, drivers are professional, and they care about doing a good job. those are strong tells in this business.
    ragged out equipment, grungy drivers, and dirty equipment always indicate lack of interest and caring. tells me the drivers are only there for a paycheck and they’re meat to the company.
    Eagle is an excellent starter company.
    I know Nashville has a bunch of satellite trucks peppered all across middle tn, so you’ll likely be able to shorten your commute.
    Pro tip- whoever you hire on with, get ALL your rack cards possible.
    You’ll get loads when other drivers can’t, which makes you money and a more valuable asset to the company.
    Eagle also pulls dry bulk and chemical.
    Once you’ve got 6 months in, you’ll be able to get trained for those too, further expanding your experience and earning potential.
    Training for chemical is in Kingsport, training for bulk is in Dalton ga.
    I don’t know any of the Nashville trainers, only what i hear through the driver network.
    If you want to know more about Eagle, pm me.
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    Dec 3, 2010
    Tru Star might be a good job don’t know.If you have tractor trailer experience already most fuel companies will train you on fuel.Not sure about Nashville area in my area circle k is alright pilot for fuel is ok also they don’t pay per hour as much as other companies pilot night shift is $30 in my area and Sheetz is I think $36 Loves usually pays a couple dollars more then pilotin my area but pilot pay good and delivery to truck stops doesn’t get any easier but I think in Tennessee pilot also has just gas stations for cars and not trucks also.
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    Jun 16, 2016
    Nashville is one of the highest paying markets in the South for fuel haulers too
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