Trooper woke me up and ELD would not work

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  1. Gonzo1300

    Gonzo1300 Light Load Member

    Sep 30, 2013
    I'm in New York today heading to Quebec City. I woke up this morning and wash the truck and drove roughly two hours and for some reason got sleepy so I stopped and laid back in the truck at a rest area. Cooper come up and wanted to do an inspection we did that and tried to show him my login the ELD would not come on. He charged me with no record of Duty status. So long story short anytime your LD quits working you get a ticket and detention? That seems rather craptastic because I have paper logs I can fill out for the two days that I drove but that didn't seem to matter. There was no one at the office so I couldn't get anyone to email me the info. That just doesn't seem right getting fined and penalized if this stupid thing stops working.
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  3. Judge

    Judge Road Train Member

    Mar 19, 2014
    Newport, Ar
    Tell him to come back when you’re on duty, if he interrupted your break again your going to report him.
    Go back to sleep, problem would’ve been solved.
  4. not4hire

    not4hire Road Train Member

    May 16, 2012
    Absolutely. I would not agree to an inspection if I was off-duty (assuming the OP had not come back on-duty prior to Trooper Cooper showing up, also assuming the OP was parked legally).
  5. TokyoJoe

    TokyoJoe Road Train Member

    Feb 10, 2015
    Yeah I probably wouldn't even have gotten out of bed.

    Homeless, lot lizards, idiots pretending to want money for fuel, people selling fruits and veggies or ganja, or cops. Who else knocks on doors?
  6. roshea

    roshea Road Train Member

    If you had no back-end support to get you the logs up to your last ELD working duty status then you can blame your company. However I believe there was a rule change that said NOT to disturb off duty drivers for the purpose of an inspection, so he was wrong to do that. But, arguing with a cop roadside (or anywhere) rarely ends well for the individual regardless of how right they may be in the matter being disputed.
  7. Mattflat362

    Mattflat362 Road Train Member

    Feb 18, 2015
    Avon Lake, Ohio
    Keep us posted very curious here! I would be mad getting woken up!
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  8. TheLoadOut

    TheLoadOut Heavy Load Member

    Nov 6, 2019

    Posted on November 13, 2018 by DOT Compliance Services, LLC

    CVSA tells inspectors not to disturb drivers during off-duty/sleeper time for inspections

    James Jaillet CCJ

    | November 13, 2018

    Updated policy guidance from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance issued in late September establishes that inspectors should not disrupt drivers’ off-duty or sleeper berth time, when they’re legally parked, for a random inspection.

    Though the policy is not law, CVSA guidelines are intended to create uniform inspection policies.

    The text of the updated guidance dictates that “inspectors shall not disturb/interrupt any driver of a commercial motor vehicle in off-duty or sleeper berth status when legally parked for the purpose of conducting a random inspection.”

    Collin Mooney, executive director of CVSA, says inspectors can still interrupt drivers when they’re parked illegally and need to move their truck. “But when they’re parked at a safe location, a rest stop, the prohibition is to not wake the driver to complete an inspection,” says Mooney.

    The decision was based on anecdotal feedback, said Mooney, though there were no specifics as to any inspectors or departments that had been interrupting drivers during off-duty periods. But “apparently it was an issue somewhere,” he said. “It became apparent that we needed to add a sentence” to its guidelines for random inspections.

    This extends to off-duty drivers operating in team operations, says Mooney. “Our policy is to not wake up any drivers. As far as a co-driver needing to be woken up — it’s not something that we encourage, because it defeats the purpose at that point of the driver getting their rest. With ELDs, [inspectors] should have access to that information without having to wake up the driver anyway.”

    Posted in DOT Compliance News

    I keep a printed copy of this in my permit book as well.
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  9. roshea

    roshea Road Train Member

    of course since it is CVSA guidance (a non-governmental organization) it has no legal authority, it is merely a suggestion. "Officer discretion" and no law forbidding it means they can wake you up for any reason they want, at any time, unfortunately.
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  10. TheLoadOut

    TheLoadOut Heavy Load Member

    Nov 6, 2019
    2 things will happen, 1. If I'm legally parked which I try to do at all times, I'm not getting up out of the sleeper to look if I'm on my 10 hour break. 2. If I happen to be coming back from the restroom or just walking around while on my 10 hour break and get approached about an inspection there is now way I'm going to stop my break for the inspection, it just ain't happening. Lots of other fish swimming down the highway they can go catch for their little inspection.
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  11. JonJon78

    JonJon78 Road Train Member

    Jul 1, 2018
    How pathetic that officer must be to actually wake someone up, to do a DOT inspection. I'm guessing he use to get the hell beat out of him in high school now he wants to play robo cop.

    I'd file a complaint on him. That's just ridiculous.
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