What are your funniest truck stop stories, or just as a driver?

Discussion in 'Road Stories' started by Pardel, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Pardel

    Pardel Light Load Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    Bernie, MO
    Heres a good one drivers! What are your funniest truck stop stories? Did something funny happen to you at a truck stop? I'd like to read some of the funnier stories of what happened at a truck stops, shippers, consignee, or just as a driver? :biggrin_25523:
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  3. MACK E-6

    MACK E-6 Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    I drove through Breezewood, PA one night while one of the local ladies of the evening was attempting to solicit business. She was working on one guy when I chimed in and said "Don't do it, driver. She's a cop."

    Heh, heh... Pissed her off. She called me everything but a white man.
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  4. TrooperRat

    TrooperRat Medium Load Member

    Dec 29, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    Hmm, well I don't know how funny this is, but for me it turned into quite the entertaining ordeal. I used to spend a lot of time talking on the CB. Sometimes, my conversations would turn into something more like preaching.
    Well, one night, my truck flat broke down on the side of a highway. She quit running and would have no more of it. It just happened to be right next to a truck stop.
    I was getting bored waiting there for help.
    I started preaching. Pretty soon, a couple of people were getting mad at me, saying I can't do that on channel 19 and to get off the radio.
    Of course, this didn't slow me down one iota, and I continued on. But, instead of preaching in general, I began directing it towards these individuals.
    Next thing I know, there are dozens of voices squawking all over the radio, keying up on top of each other, screaming, fuming mad at me. My preaching had turned rather - dicey - at that point and quite - blunt, to put it mildly. There were drivers driving their rigs in circles around the parking lots looking for me, as well as others walking around the lot - they all thought I was in the truckstop, I didn't bother to tell them I was sitting on the freeway.
    Talk of slicing and dicing me, even one guy said he was going to kill me!!
    Now, when it got that bad, well, I just started laughing, I'm going to be a martyr!! Yayyyy! That little thing went on for almost 2 hours before they all just quit and decided I wasn't worth the trouble.
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  5. MACK E-6

    MACK E-6 Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    You should have told them you were the Swift driver parked in the back row.
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  6. daytona45

    daytona45 <strong>"Student of Misdirection"</strong>

    May 19, 2007
    north little rock
    It is raining and I am heading west bound. I am about three hours away from Memphis and it is 4 in the afternoon when an eastbound driver asks me when will the weather clear up.I tell him sorry that it has been raining all day and he is driving into it.Then another driver ask him if the weather is clear behind him. He tells us it clears up in in Memphis.He says good we will get sunshine in Memphis.I tell him no driver all you will get in Memphis is dark.He laughs then he say thats ok we will get moonshine he likes that better anyway.:biggrin_2559:
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  7. xXDarthVaderXx

    xXDarthVaderXx Light Load Member

    May 17, 2007
    Atlanta, Georgia
    LOL! Now thats funny!:biggrin_2559: So I am sure she called you the N word. LOL Are you white? I laugh sometimes when I hear people on the CB and they start calling someone the N word, I think, how do they know if this person is black? You cant always tell by the voice. I guess the N word is DEFAULT for some folk, just in case! LOL :rr:
  8. notarps4me

    notarps4me Road Train Member

    Jan 1, 2007
    Well; if he gets off at exit 4 he can get just about anything he wants!:biggrin_25523:
  9. Tankeryanker71

    Tankeryanker71 Bobtail Member

    Mar 29, 2008
    Orange Park, Florida
    Back when I was pulling flatbeds for Sunbelt Transport, I was under a load goin to Kerny NJ from Ocala Fl. I made it all the way up to Carmel Church Va and I decided to put it to bed. No sooner than I pulled the curtains and layed down, a knock come on the door. I got up only to find it was a Lot Lizard. I rolled down the window and she asked, "You want some company?" That's when I noticed the Ploof truck parked next to me. I replied, "No. But the driver in that Ploof truck told me earlier that he was." She said "ok" and trotted around to the drivers side of his truck.
    I got up the next morning, forgetting about my visitor, and headed for Kearny.
    Unloading at the consignee, in comes a Ploof truck. The driver gets out and heads for the office to check in. As he walks by my truck he's looking at the USMC decal on my truck. He aproaches me and asks, "Were you in Carmel Church last night?"
  10. Wolfpak

    Wolfpak Bobtail Member

    Apr 21, 2008
    Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    Hi, before I start my story I should point out to you that I live (and drive) in Australia, so most of you (if not all) won't know where the hell I'm talking about! hehe. It is probably also relevant at this point to mention that we don't have interstate highways here like in the US. In fact, I have been told that our major highways are just like the secondary roads over there. So long-distance driving over here is a completely different ballgame.
    Anyway, this story concerns one early morning when I was driving from Sydney to Brisbane overnight. It's a 12 hour run up the Pacific Highway (10 1/2 hours driving time, plus breaks to keep legal camera times comes to around 12 hours). Anyway, about 4am or so I was starting to get tired. Really tired. I was trying to make it to the northern NSW town of Ballina to have my next break, but as I rolled into Woodburn (about 30 klms south of Ballina) it was really apparent that I just wasn't going to make it to Ballina, so I thought "Stuff it, it's not worth it for 30 klms, I'm going to pull over here and have a quick 1/2 hour nap". So, I pulled over across the road from the Parkside Cafe (a 24 hour cafe that truck drivers frequent), right behind another truck, and because it was the middle of winter, and freezing cold, I left my truck running so I could have the heater on. I also figured I would sleep leaning over the steering wheel, because I knew that if I layed down in the sleeper I would never wake up in 1/2 hour. So I set my phone to wake me in 1/2 hour, leant over the wheel and went to sleep. Well, I never heard my alarm go off, and I 'snapped' awake about 3 hours later, really disorientated, and the first thing I see is the barn doors on the back of a trailer right the hell in front of me! I thought I was still driving and was about to run straight up the back of the truck in front! Man, I stood on the brake pedal, all the time thinking I'm dead, until the realisation hit me that I wasn't actually moving! Talk about scaring the crap out of myself! I think I must've taken 10 years off my life that morning! And I know I scared myself good because I decided to walk over to the cafe to get a coffee, and as I walked in the guy behind the counter took one look at me and asked "Are you okay?"

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  11. KYSkipper

    KYSkipper Light Load Member

    Mar 31, 2008
    Corbin, KY
    Headed to Florida one year going fishing we pulled into the Flying J at Valdosta to fill up. Diesel pickup and 40 something gallons of boat fuel. There was one in front of me at the pump, so I jumped out and did my walk around checking air pressure and heat on the trailer tires and checking which of the boat tanks needed what. When the other guy got done I walked over and climbed in to pull forward, but before I got it in gear a Vette whipped right in front of me and pulled into the pump. I was mad. Put the brake on the truck and walked up to the Vette and tapped on his window. When he stepped out, I let him have it. "What do you think I was here in line waiting for? What kind of sorry stunt was that?

    The guy pulled out a Badge and said he'd do what he #### well pleased.

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