What if it Snows?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Dave_in_AZ, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. MACK E-6

    MACK E-6 Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to church thanks be to the plandemic. :biggrin_25510:
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  3. kemosabi49

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    Jan 13, 2013
    SW Arkansas
    When i first got that truck I had a few guys, a driver and a couple shop guys tell me about it. So I suppose more than those knew about it and someone probably snitched as they had a tracking system in most of the trucks but not that one.
    Never could understand the childish attitude some have. Like they are stuck in a 65 mph truck. So they should know that snitching on my truck isn't going to get their truck turned up but, in all likelihood, get mine turned down. But they do it anyway. Like if I can't do something, I'll make it so you can't either. Children.
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  4. homeskillet

    homeskillet Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2013
    Dayton, OH
    I have to second this.

    Any changes to the ecm will be at the very least time stamped with the engine hours at time of change.

    MAYBE even day and date, depending on the diag program.

    It is common for fleet mechanics to be told to check for such changes during routine service.

    Some will just quietly change it back, and if asked about it later blame it on the software update.

    Some will go running to the maintenance manager with the printout: "BOSS! LOOKIT ME! I FOUND ONE TURNED UP!"

    And from what I've heard about Stevens, I doubt they'll have a sense of humor about it. Fuel economy is important to their business model. Cost them money, they'll kick ya to the curb.

    Good luck.
  5. lovesthedrive

    lovesthedrive Is here to help

    Nov 11, 2008
    Sorrento Maine
    @kemosabi49 For this reason is why, if I ever return to OTR that I want to own.
  6. Czar_Zero

    Czar_Zero Road Train Member

    Mar 20, 2018
    The diagnostic/service programs I was (it's been a few years) most familiar with were Detroit and Allison. With both, some changes in the programming required a phone call directly to them in order to get either a password (Detroit) or the calibration you wanted sent to you (Allison).

    In Detroit's case it was if the customer who'd specced/ordered the truck requested password protection on specific items in the software.

    Allison it was to make sure the calibration/changes you wanted to do weren't going to cause the transmissions untimely demise.
  7. Judge

    Judge Road Train Member

    Mar 19, 2014
    Newport, Ar
    I had a break, depressing cause you were confined to a truck and really...what’s to see in Nacogdoches anyway.
    But I got threatened,
    There was an angry voice wife last night on the phone.
    I don’t know what her expression was, but I can imagine.
    Imagine a 5’2” mad brunette from TX that’s half crazy, and she likes to fight and argue.
  8. SoulScream84

    SoulScream84 Road Train Member

    Mar 21, 2020
    Just described my wife other than hair color
  9. homeskillet

    homeskillet Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2013
    Dayton, OH
    I found out a couple things today.

    The breakfast pizza at PFJ in Resaca Ga consists of ham, bacon, egg, cheese, and sausage gravy.

    It is a very tasty breakfast.

    It is also an extraordinarily effective laxative.

    When I reached the Love's in Corbin, KY, I had a rhinoceros dump that cleansed my very SOUL.

    I walked back to the truck, feeling one with the universe, and ordered some BBQ from Sonny's.

    Traffic sucks today; I-75 thru TN and KY looks like a blend of Memorial Day and Fourth of July traffic. I thought I'd eat my BBQ and keep an ear to the CB to see if the situation improves.

    It has not yet improved, and the general consensus among truckers with radios is to take a nap 'til around 8pm and try again. Fortunately, I went on SB as soon as I pulled in here, and will be set to jet at 8, traffic permitting.

    If not, as long as I'm back in the yard by 4am, I can get in a 10 before I go back out.

    Barbecue-induced slumber to follow.......
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