what milage do cummins and detroit engines usually need an overhaul on average?

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    Those links just help me define what B50 life is. Given that, what is often forgotten in B50 life is that for every engine exceeding B50 life you have one falling short.

    That said B50 life has become more of an advertising slogan rather then an actual fact. The ISX used to advertise a B50 life of 850,000 miles same as the DD Series60. Then when the DD15/16 came out it advertised a B50 of 1.2 million miles. Now, some people selling the Cummings claim B50 of a million. While Paccar claims a B10 of a million! Do I think many more Paccars will last more then Cummings, or Detroit? No.

    What you find in the shop now is the old ISX are ruining cams at around 750k-850k. But, they have a new head and cam system in the new ISX. So? Just now, more DD15/16 are just now finding there way to the million mile mark with some sort of major engines problems. What they are IDK?

    If you looking for a solid answer what engine will last the longest and cost the least, you are not going to get it. The truth is no one knows until several of these motors have reached a life cycle and by that time the engine design has to change again to meet some new criteria.

    What a business owner should budget for is to have to pay for a major engine repairs by 850k - 1,000K miles. If you got a machine that is lasting longer, great 50% should by advertised engineering standards. But you cannot blame your business failure on a lemon if you get slightly less.
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    B10, B50 are just estimations of the life expectancy of an engine. People seem to convince themselves that this is going to what engine will last with no real guaranty of it.
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    Regular lab oil samples are a MUST! Do not rely on the on-site oil sample testing done by Speedco and others. I do mine every oil change without fail. You get a report that shows everything about your oil....and it also compares it to the previous change.....and you also can see all the past oil changes so you can see any changes that are begining to develop. Its like a blood test for your engine. Also....be very careful about changing oil types and viscosity after your engine is pretty much broke in. However, make sure to change your oil regularly. And do the other required Maintenance on the engine. Oh...and drive it properly lol and treat it right. Trucks can act like a good looking woman that keeps rejecting you if you don't lol.
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    I had 2.3 million on my 60 series.These new engines are a different beast.Some go 400000 others 750000.Then I've witnessed some overhauled at 250000.
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    What about hours.....

    My ISX has 195,000 miles but 13,500 hours..... Does that mean it will last till 850,000 miles ? hahaha
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