Where to lease to own a Reefer Trailer

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  1. Bksanyangr9

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    Jun 21, 2016
    Hello folks, I am a newly O/O with my own truck doing dry van at the moment and I'm currently renting a dry van trailer from the company I'm leased onto for a set amount every month (very high in my opinion). I'm looking to get my own reefer preferably and was wondering what companies are best to try to lease to own/rent to own a trailer?
    -20 months experience OTR
    -2 months experience as an O/O
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    Nov 30, 2008
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    May want to bank finance, some good deals on 53" air ride CA compliant reefers out there.
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    Unless you live in an area that has a lot of outbound reefer freight (FL, CA, AZ), you'd be better off buying a dry van. In most areas (except for a few weeks out of the year) reefer freight pays only very slightly more than dry freight, especially off of the load boards.

    The late night appointment times, extra maintenance and expense, and added hassle arn't worth the couple extra pennies per mile.

    And roughly 75% of dry freight shippers will not load their dry freight on a reefer trailer.
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    Sep 30, 2015
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    I say get the reefer trailer advantages are:

    1. Meat & produce freight never slows down. It runs all year round.

    2. You can haul dry & refrigerated freight. Gives you more options to get back into a frieght lane.

    3. Newer reefer trailers are much more stronger, quieter and lot less maintenance then the older units.

    4. Schedule and Wait times vary depending on the customer, your attitude towards the customer and your personal appearance.

    5. In regards to reefer freight. CA, WA, AZ, FL, for produce. NE, IA, TX for meat. General rule of thumb, you don't want deadhead more 300 hundred miles to pickup a refrigerated load.

    6. Rates vary depending on if leased to a carrier, working with a broker, or working directly for a shipper.

    In regards to the 75% dry freight shippers will not load your reefer trailer. That's not necessarily true!!

    I've hauled motor oil (very heavy 43,000-44,000Lbs) for O'Reilly auto parts from sheveport La to Minneapolis MN and hauled floor tIle from Downey Ca. to Monroe LA. I also sometimes haul new furniture from Southern Ca. to Kansas City Mo or to Omaha Ne.

    So it depends on the shipper and what kinda freight he has. So getting a freight trailer gives you a lot more options.

    Places to pickup a reasonable priced or lease a trailer check:

    1. Truck paper

    2. Many mega carriers have their own truck and trailer leasing/sales dealerships and financing company.

    3. Look for a O/O that has a well maintainted reefer trailer for sale that's either retiring or getting out of the business.

    4. Or try Richie equipment auction

    5. Also try some of the smaller independent trailer leasing dealerships
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    Oct 7, 2016
    Boss if I live in Seattle and I want to deal directly with the shippers do you know any one I can get load from ? Thanks
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    Apr 22, 2015
    Sound very knowledgeable can i message you
  7. Blessed_Trucker

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    Apr 12, 2019
    I’m seeking a reefer lease purchase. 8 months in own authority
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    Do you mind letting me know just how much your insurance is costing per year? I had to start up a new company and my Authority is about a year old and the cheapest I can find it is $18000.00. Last year was $19000.00. Not for sure if I am going to pay it again this year and if I sell my rig I want pay it.
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