Why Did You Quit Schneider?

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by 42MPH, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. metallifreak10

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    Aug 20, 2010
    Minooka, IL
    I appreciate that, but I'm happy with my current employer of the last 5 years.
  2. Chinatown

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    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    OK, I thought you were looking for a new company. Best wishes.
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  3. DoubleO7

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    Aug 21, 2015
    Southern Illinois
    The next time you are at your home base in Cedar Rapids, look across the street and slightly west. There is your next carrier if you want to be treated VERY well and are a great driver.
  4. Ozzy1

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    Feb 4, 2017
    Sure they gave u the Don,t join a union speech...I carried can black spray paint an painted part of the phone number on back of trailer..in those days I would pay a mechanic to turn up truck...no accidents lifetime an no tickets 22 yrs so those that say u Will get tickets with a wide open truck goes out the window,Schneider has same business motto as many mega carriers have,one does it an others follow..any otr driver today should make 80,000 an up for all that they go threw..
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  5. Juanthehumanoid

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    Jun 23, 2017
    Houston Tx
    How lol i wishhhhh
  6. TheMadPooper

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    Mar 7, 2018
    I joined trucking because certain events led me to three choices: risk dying homeless frozen in an undignified alley, eating a shotgun, or trucking.

    so reluctantly I sought out cdl training. Schneider covered that. it was all downhill from there.

    hire date was Nov 8th 2017. I'm quitting soon for the same reasons. did otr. did the east. never west just like you say. same reasons.

    throw in that fridges microwaves etc are contraband and you only get 300 watt inverters to play with.

    idle temperatures are below 20, yet it still says it's 27 in Michigan when it's really sub zero weather. lovely.

    my favorite ######## lie was "you can't release yourself to go home. we have to do that."

    I switched to Topeka dedicated home deathpot in early April. $300. $200. $150. per week.

    that's literally beneath minimum wage.

    get a cdl they said. skilled labor pays they said.

    6 months of my life home for nothin but a pile of monopoly money. I could'e been at home flipping burgers for this kinda pay getting drunk every night too. no truck stop aroma of pissjugs. no supertrucker grandpa douchebags. no east coast. no nothin.

    no nothin. probably my next week' paycheck.
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  7. Anonymousproxy

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    Mar 2, 2015
    Stick it out another 6 months, get that full year experience and keep your nose clean. There’s better, smaller companies ;I can name a couple of them based out near Fargo ND) out there that pay better, have good long runs all over the place and will treat you way better. Schneider doesn’t care if their drivers live or starve. The people working in that headquarters in Green Bay have no idea what goes on out here on the road and view drivers as mindless drones that they can brainwash to their corporate garbage.

    Oh, and avoid Veriha like the plague.. they are run by ex-Schneider lackeys, and act the same way.... except most of the freight is garbage (scrap cardboard) most of their equipment is old garbage, basically whatever they pillage from companies they have taken over and stripped out while feeding the bought-out company’s drivers a load of bs.
  8. ZVar

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Flint, MI
    Have you ever heard of the word "Planning"?

    One does not go to a mega to make money. They go because they need to start somewhere.
    Now that you have 6 months in, you likely can get a real job. And the benefit of that is, you will likely make enough to not only bring home an ok paycheck, but still pay back the loan you will owe Schneider for the CDL and still be ahead in the game. Maybe not by much, but at the year mark more opens up. Then at the 3 year mark you basically got it made.
  9. gentleroger

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    Jun 1, 2010
    In your own words, trucking gave you "an out" from an untenable situation. It's given you time and space to think and plan. Take advantage of that to make better choices to get where YOU want to be.

    Plenty of threads on here about how to cook in the truck without a microwave. Plus every truck stop has a microwave - can't go thru, go around. Can't go around go over, etc.

    How many jobs have you worked where you get to decide what time quitting time is? If you are scheduled to work a shift, you show up on time and go until you are released. If you don't like the terms of work, don't hire on.

    If you can't gross $1,000 a week (at new driver rates) on that account it's on you. 2,500 miles in 5.5 days is eminently achievable.

    This makes no sense - Schneider paid you in US dollars, so if you have a pile of them, that's a good thing.

    There are 2 takeaways for me from this. One, you don't take criticism well. Two, you let little things get to you in a big way. Both will make your life harder. If the attitude that you have presented here is how you interact with others in real life, success will remain elusive.

    Best wishes .
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  10. WongK

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    May 1, 2018
    lol you can just come here for that ahahahah

    Plenty of supertrucker grandpa hags here
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