Xantrec Inverter Issues

Discussion in 'Volvo Forum' started by Gentlemanfarmer, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Gentlemanfarmer

    Gentlemanfarmer Medium Load Member

    Feb 26, 2010
    Greenville, FL
    I have a 2014 Volvo 780 with a factory installed Xantrec HF Inverter. The first 4 years this worked very well, but the past two years the inverter keeps giving Error Code 5 or 3 when below 60 degrees ambient temperature. I can keep a 12 volt heater going during cooler temps and this sometimes keeps the inverter working, but when I turn the engine off the inverter drops to 12.3 volts within minutes and then shuts down soon after. I usually only run a toaster, coffee maker and microwave in the morning or evening, but do not leave anything plugged in. I sometimes keep my laptop plugged in during a 34 restart, but this draws very little voltage.

    I have talked with Volvo mechanics about the issue and they have no clue. I have talked with Xantrec and they recommend a newer model that can withstand colder temperatures. Yet no one can tell me why this thing shuts down in only cool weather. So I put this out there: Has anyone else on this forum experienced similar issues and if so, what did you do to correct the problem?
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  3. beastr123

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    Jan 2, 2014
    Moose Jaw SK CAN
    This actually sounds like you may have one weak battery and this causing your low voltage cut-off to activate.
    It may be that your low voltage cut-off is set a bit high, I believe they are normally set at 11.9 volts and an alarm beeps to warn you that an engine start is recommended.
    this was how my 2016 730 with the Xantrec inverter was set up. Also I loved the fact that I could plug into shore-power and auto charge my batteries at 30*below and just run the webasto engine preheat for an hour and start after sitting at the house for a cold weekend.
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  4. d281833

    d281833 Heavy Load Member

    May 15, 2012
    What condition are your batteries in? Dropping to 12.3 right away seems to indicate a potential battery issue.
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  5. KB3MMX

    KB3MMX Road Train Member

    Dec 29, 2014
    Orrstown, PA
    There is nothing wrong with the inverter.

    This is a battery voltage issue...cold weather makes a weak battery show its face.

    I've had a few trucks with this Xantrex inverter and it's flawless. The batteries though will start to show weakness when you see the voltage is not holding up as they used to.

    The Volvo dual function batteries are pretty good but if you want the best for running your hotel loads you might want to consider changing to four of the Odyssey pc2150 extremes(AGM-TPL)
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