Yellow Freight closure thread

Discussion in 'LTL and Local Delivery Trucking Forum' started by ColoradoLinehaul, Jun 26, 2023.

  1. JoeJoe76

    JoeJoe76 Bobtail Member

    Aug 9, 2023
    It’s because it’s the older generation who made it this bad. Of course you’re blamed. It’s your fault. Probably not just yours… but y’all know what I’m saying.
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  3. Professor No-Name

    Professor No-Name Road Train Member

    Nov 26, 2016
    Dude you need a paycheck. Trust your gut an di what ya gotta do. As I've said before ya need to grab any ol otr gig ya can get so ya have a stop gap measure of money coming in. You've lived to see the high turnover in this industry so taking something that is only meant to be temporary is most certainly not the end of the world. Stop toying with being broke an go get your paycheck. SIMPLE!!!!!!
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  4. PaulMinternational

    PaulMinternational Heavy Load Member

    Aug 23, 2022
    You forget about those that came before and took advantage. The difference is we still worked hard and didn't just make excuses!
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  5. Magoo1968

    Magoo1968 Road Train Member

    Mar 18, 2021
    St Malo mb
    I grew up eating meat and potatoes hardly anything else extra . Nothing was given you worked hard for it and if you didn’t like it boss would say hit the road jack and don’t come back anymore.. my opinion is we had a good work ethic but picked terrible leaders because that’s all that can afford to run for office..
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  6. mickeyrat

    mickeyrat Road Train Member

    Nov 24, 2011
    on my 30 min break
    confirmation found posted in 2 different terminals, as of July our OR as a company is 83%. MY terminal is 81.92%.

    6 were operating at a loss. 1 is a newly moved terminal into a new built building. the others I believe come from a purchase of valley transport in Minnesota .

    lowest is in the 60s
  7. buckmanmike

    buckmanmike Light Load Member

    Jan 20, 2010
    in the country, georgia
    OR in the 60's!!! Making Bank there.
  8. celticdriver23

    celticdriver23 Bobtail Member

    May 13, 2023
    What’s a giveback?
  9. LtlAnonymous

    LtlAnonymous Road Train Member

    Dec 23, 2016
    Yellow workers voted to give back 15% of their pay and 75% of their pension to keep Yellow afloat.

    In return, ABF requested we give back 7% of our pay so they could "stay competitive" with Yellow, since they could charge their customers so much less with decreased labor costs.

    The CEO then proceeded to go on a decade-long non-union company buying spree with that money.

    ABF just got their first good contract in YEARS this year. It was absolutely maddening.
  10. jgarciajr40

    jgarciajr40 Medium Load Member

    Jun 18, 2016
    ABF used to pay nothing in Florida.

    last time I asked and saw a job post it was $18 an hour, but they did pay time and a half at 8 hours and 40.

    Which is unheard of in Florida. Oh, and now they only wanna hire you part time with no guarantee for a full time gig.

    I wonder how they plan to expand in Florida with that bull
  11. Opus

    Opus Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    South GA
    Supply / Demand.......there are roughly 22,000 Teamsters looking to max out their pensions. Won't be a problem at all.
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