You can quit smoking!!!!

Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by joesmoothdog, Mar 13, 2014.

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    0 bad.
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    Jun 13, 2008
    Oddly the mortality rate for vapor inhalers is unmm 100 percent. With odds like that I'll have to stick with the Camels
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    Been on ecigs for 3 weeks, started on my birthday, my present to me. Wife snd kids shocked, happy
    34 mg juice tobaco flavor.

    Pros: much cheaper, breathing better, truck and I smell better and no ashs or ash tray in truck, something to hold that isnt a lighter or cigerette.

    Cons: miss the habit, another thing to charge, eating more, added 3 lbs in 3.5 weeks

    If I need a hit I take 1 or 2 without having to smoke an entire cigerette.

    It is like when you buy a certain car, you begin to see it everywhere, I lost count how many people I have seen e-cigging, mostly truckers.

    Cigerette companies have got to be starting to see/feel the hit/change from people switching over.

    Even the initial cost isnt bad. Paid 50 dollars for set up (2 batteries) and 3 bottles. Just finished my first bottle.

    12-15 bucks per day for a couple packs per day, times 24 days, well you do the math. Much CHEAPER, CLEANER, HEALTHIER
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    Apr 21, 2013
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    I have spent a ton on ecigs over time but this past time I invested in a decent one so it would work better and last longer, for my itaste mvp with the 2 iclear 16's and a bottle of top shelf butterscotch juice cost me $102 and then another $40 spent buying the bigger tank with a dual coil and another top shelf juice. That investment is still less than what I would spend in a month on cigs.
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    I agree with the cold turkey approach as an ex-smoker with a 31 year habit. Do what works for you though. What worked for me was seeing all those truckers with that green skin complexion and seeing this old guy smoking outside a truck stop while using an oxygen tank. That was enough for me.

    Good luck to all of you guys that quit, regardless of how you do it.
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    Dec 8, 2012
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    Did the same thing in 2005 , got to feeling really bad and then the chest pain came on...wife called 911 and I was taken to the hospital....found out it was my gall bladder. But scared me enough to lay the things down....Oct 22nd 2005 ......and still going strong without can do just have to want to ......
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    Mar 6, 2014
    My soon-to-be trucker and I have been vaping for a year. We quit cigs together and haven't looked back.

    We started with the Vea system from Johnson Creek and switched over to the Ego system. We still use the Johnson Creek vaping liquid because it is PG free and tastes better than anything else we've found. (PG irritates my lungs)
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    Oct 28, 2013
    Using the vapor helped me quit smoking. I quit smoking the day I started the vapor. My doctor said he would rather me use a vapor than smoke cigs. I wasn't a heavy smoker, but regardless, I still had bad breathing problems from them. It was time to quit.

    Still using the vapor sometimes, must less smelly and messy than cigarettes, and my lungs are much happier.
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    Jul 10, 2014
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    This is statement ranks pretty high on the " most ignorant " statements I have heard about vaping.

    Do some research before opening pie hole and inserting foot.

    The " correct " way to vape is to keep the vapor in your mouth and nasal passages. Like smoking a cigar or pipe. The nasal passages actually absorb the nicotine faster than the lungs. This means less vaping. The above statement from snowwy would be partially correct if inhaled into lungs but it would also depend on other factors. Lung damage from smoking analogs. Many many years at more packs a day would mean more damage that someone who smoke analogs for 2-3yrs at 1pack a day. The former would be more susceptible to pneumonia than the latter.

    55 weeks now analog free for me. After a heart attack and double bypass at 43yrs old I thought I had smoking kicked for the first six weeks. Then when the bills started coming in ( no insurance ) and I started driving again ( too many fools on the road ) I bought a pack and was right back at my 2pack a day habit. Feeling ashamed and guilty I started doing some research, found AltSmoke B&M store grand opening and have never looked back. Cardiologist said vape away but try to use the lowest nic level possible. I have settled on 6mg daily but mix in 0mg here and there.

    After trying the ego batteries and clearo tanks, then pro tanks and silver bullet mods from AltSmoke I have settled nicely on a rebuildable dripping atomizer and a protovapor DNA mod. The dripping is intense, more vapor, more satisfying and I don't vape nearly as much as I did with pro tanks or carto tanks.



    i am surprised that there is not more interest or conversation on this forum about vaping.
    Without long term studies the health risk are not known but I will bet my life that vaping a liquid with 4 FDA approved component's in it are much more safe than a cigarette putting off 4,000 chemicals ( 5-600 known to cause cancer) while burning.

    I had a long time vaper tell me once when I said family members were giving me stuff in the beginning about vaping more than I smoke.

    He said that if you walk into a casino and they gave you a choice. Lose 100% of your money ( smoking cigarettes is known to be a massive health risk and cause premature death ) or lose 50% of your money ( vaping with no long term studies of risk ) which would you chose?
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    Aug 5, 2013
    Nice "Nature Boy" av. Almost forgot I started this thread. Still vaping. Custom mix 15mg nic. Had to hammer some tandem pins yesterday. Out of breath for less than a minute and didn't cough once. My sense of smell is back. Love truckstop parking lots at noon at 100 degrees.:biggrin_2551:
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