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    I said when i got hired on I was going to do a review of orientation. But, the week was so busy, and I was so tired, my laptop never left my bag, so I'm going to give my take on what i can remember of it and how i like it so far, being a month off the trainer truck.
    Melton will either pay for a bus, or reimburse you up to $150 for flight or car to get to orientation. They put you in a very nice hotel, with a few places to eat and a grocery store on the same block. Breakfast and lunch are provided, you just have to cover dinner every night. The first day of orientation is the longest, and to me the most stressful. You will be doing a lot of paperwork, a physical, another integrity interview where they ask the same questions you were asked on the phone, and the tarp lift test. If you've done drugs recently enough for them to be in your system, you better tell them, they are pretty easy on you if you're honest, and weren't abusing drugs hardcore. The tarp lift is basically lifting the tarps to the bed of a trailer. they range from 35 to 85 pounds. The rest of the week is securement training, and ops training, where they go over how they want things done, and the benefits they provide to drivers. On Thursday, you are basically hired, that's when you get $100 in cash, and your picture taken for your I.D. But they will still let you go after that. Sunday is your only day off that week. On Monday, they give your your green bible, and some other things they want kept on the truck, like a piss test and camera for accidents. You will hopefully get your trainer then. If he isn't close to Tulsa, they will fly or bus you to where he is. You will be on the trainers truck for at least 21 days if you have no experience. 14 for refresh guys. After your time is up, you go to a terminal, fill out some more paperwork, take a test on a few things, and get the keys to your truck. I've got one of the last 660's in fleet, and will most likely be getting a new one pretty soon as they don't keep a truck much over 450k. I've been getting really decent miles for the slow time for flatbed, and if I am in a bad freight area, they deadhead me to pick up a load. Melton really care about their drivers and their quality of life on the road. My first load out picked up the Tuesday before Thanksgiving,and delivered the Monday after. It was within 100 miles of my home, they let me change the route to get home faster and stay home as long as I could and still deliver on time. And they will almost always allow you to go home if your route takes you within 75 miles, one way, of the house. So long as the freight isnt late. Over all the company is great to work for, and I cant find anything right now to complain about. Shoot me a message if you have any questions on anything I left out.
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    ???? I can't really believe this part....
    "Hey Mr. Safety Man, smack should be clear by now, just shot a little watching the game last week." "But it's cool, I don't normally shoot...."
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    I suspect that he's talking about weed, which has become much more socially accepted, recently. Or prescriptions, assuming that you were taking them under a doctor's supervision...
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    Fatmando is correct
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    At least Melton doesnt do Fleece purchases and try to rip off drivers.
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    How is your job working out so far? My husband is looking into them.
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    Ps transportation in alabama is much higher all the same benefits..
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    Looks like Planeman didn't cut the mustard.
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