Reefer myths and legends

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    Definitely TK (APU and units) are both quieter than Carrier counterparts. Also TK has a larger repair network which is good because TKs over the long term will probably suffer more “breakdown issues” than Carrier. Plus Carrier is a little less costly upfront BTU for BTU. Not sure how they compare in fuel consumption.
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    Mar 2, 2015
    I’ll be glad to be running a carrier APU with my next truck.. the Espar heaters thermo king uses are completely unreliable, especially in higher altitudes.
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    My previous carriers have all been on company trucks and had the ability to set the perimeters locked out , they were either on or off .
    I really like the one I bought recently and after having programmed the perimeters to my liking I really like it ....other than its noisy compared to a tk .
    I only pull a reefer so I dont notice it much .
    Both tk and carrier have their ups and downs tho .
    I like that the carrier is more programmable being able to run start stop or continuous and that 4000 watt genny is handy never having to start the truck engine to charge the truck batteries for loads on an inverter ( TK) .
    That generater isnt cheap to buy when it goes bad tho .
    .02 gals per hour according to carrier .
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    Engines and emissions control in Carrier are different than TK ... Explore the Differences and you might not like the new TKs so much.

    Older Units there was only one choice imo, TK ...the carriers weren't as good.

    Both are still great units and have made huge improvements the last few years it's crazy, especially in fuel consumption!!

    Carrier needs to do something about the air intake low frequency drone with a silencer for the 7300/7500 series. (I guess the Stealth2 package addressed that a bit)

    The vector series is extremely quiet though, it's very nice.

    Regarding APUs both TK and Carrier need to cut the noise Dramatically. It's really bad.

    I'm sure if they wanted, they both could make it similar to a Onan "quietdiesel" which are very quiet !!
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