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Discussion in 'Schneider' started by vipie1992, Dec 21, 2020.

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    Jun 10, 2021
    I have my last day of in class training at the STA in Green Bay tomorrow (Green Bay isn't technically an OC because it doesn't have showers or anything like that, it's just a training center). I learned that I would be with another student with my TE next week, and a few students have to wait a week because Green Bay is apparently severely lacking in TE's compared to my class size (the gal in charge of assigning TE's was telling us that she was wondering why recruiting decided to hire 12 people all at once). This TE is on a Georgia Pacific dedicated account, so hopefully I can learn a great deal from them, I meet them on Monday. Overall the training here in Green Bay has been superb.

    The recruiter signed me up for regular OTR which apparently means I just stay east of the Mississippi most of the time, which is a disappointment and borderline dealbreaker for me, because it seems more like a regional gig. I'll have to talk to my DBL and see what my options are. I don't care if they have me stay out for 2 weeks or 2 months at a time, so I'm hoping they can route me out west a little bit. And I know they do it because there's other OTR positions that run all 48 states. If they can't then I'll most likely do my 1 years gig here and jump ship to someone who does. I'm hoping to get one of the P4 Cascadia's. I heard from one of my instructors that Schneider is starting to phase the rest of their P3's out, so even if I do get one I most likely won't be in one for that long.

    Also not really related but I also heard that Schneider recently purchased 700 International tractors, which apparently is the largest order from a manufacturer for them in a long time that isn't named Freightliner. I've seen a couple of them in the yard here and they look quite nice.
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    Dec 21, 2020
    Northwest Louisiana
    Yeah that's the whole reason I chose NDF over OTR, OTR out of Louisiana only gave me access to the eastern 37 and I want to go west as well, especially considering my gf lives in Oregon lol. NDF is lower 48, but I'm coming to find that I'm prolly gonna be on this Home Depot Home Delivery account in Minnesota for a hot minute. I have yet to go West and I've been with SNI for 6 months now. Someone was telling me about Syndicate Sales accounts and Master Halco accounts that happen out west that NDF drivers can end up on. So, that's what I'm hoping for as time goes on lol. I'm about sick of this Home Depot account. It's a lot of 12-14hr days back to back and I am absolutely worn out. Especially with as hot as it has been in Minneapolis the past couple weeks. Barely any time for myself anymore and I feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends. Missing the VTI account because I got to make those long 2-day drives where it was just open road and listening to podcasts, before going around and doing my deliveries. Now its just deliveries all day every day, 10 hour breaks are literally 10 hours, and 34 hour resets are literally 34 hours. Its a grind but I guess SNI is getting their money's worth out of me lol.

    I thought I wanted a P4 when I first started too, but they assigned me a P3 and honestly I don't want a P4 anymore because I've become so comfortable and familiar with this truck. I hope I get to run in this truck til the wheels fall off lol. But I've seen them phasing out the P3s as well and am dreading the day I get the call that it's time to move to a new truck. I know a couple NDF drivers personally who just made the trek to an OC to get brand new 2022 P4s with less than 100 miles on them. I've seen some internationals around as well, but I'm fine with my freightshaker.
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