The decline of drivers and slobs .

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    Wouldn't this also be a truck stop employee problem? If they enforced the "No parking at pumps, unless your fueling right the #### now." it would get handled quicker. I know I know...easier said then done. One would think the TS employees would get tired of all the #####ing from other drivers about some idiot on the pump parking for his break.

    Despite the idiots being a small part of the trucking industry, they make everyone else who drives look bad. It's like the police. Most do their job well, an in the right way. You then get the idiot ones an people start hating/disliking/whatever ALL cops.

    Me...I got nothing but love an respect for the drivers. Ya'll do a hard, and thankless job. So salute to all of you who do your job, and act like the professionals you are. The ones who don't...I'll be reading about you here, or watching you on youtube. lol.

    The 3.7m from the sun's core cracked me up. I loved Az...even in the summer time. An yea..your a jerk face for not wearing shorts, or flip flops, etc etc. ;)

    An while AZ may be close to the's a dry heat. :p

    Stay safe out there .

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    May 10, 2018
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    My 9 year old son likes to go to the iron skillet for the buffet. We stopped at the Ontario, Ca Petro the other day and started a new game. Homeless or truck driver. We quit playing. It wa impossible to tell.
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    Nov 14, 2017
    My ex calls me a neannedathral, does that mean I should get a truck and trailer and get back out there?
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    Jan 17, 2017
    Heh. Thinking about it, I can only think of two semi-reliable ways to tell if a person is homeless or a ragbag driver.

    First, very few homeless people are obese.

    Second, very few homeless people have modern smartphones.

    Definitely not foolproof, but it might make the game playable!
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