Werner vs Schneider who is better?

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    May 16, 2016
    I am sorry but if I based my trucking career based on speed I for sure be going down a horrible path. I look for reviews, driver Treatment ,pay,equipment quality. In fact even if everything was checked marked and the truck could get 75 I still wouldn't go 75 and I still wouldn't be late I could be doing 50 mph add hours as a buffer for big city driving like DFW and still arrive early. If you want to go super trucker thats fine go for it when you make your mistake another will fill the spot hopefully a actual driver.

    My uncle even when he was left the military from retirement he paid cash for his own semi truck could go 80 speed he always did 70 never higher he didn't want to burn more fuel to save only a few mins. He only ever used the faster speed one type situation a dumb arse trucker he would only need have the pedal to floor a little get away from them normally a company driver, most common swift,knight,werner,schiender many more bad drivers won't reserved just for company drivers theres a lot of Operators who think because they have a few years under there belt you can't have crap happen. Well if that's the case wouldn't be seeing them along side highway on there side while I was in the truck stop for a night or two to ride out the snow storm.

    If you don't stay on your toes you risk being on news labeled super trucker and possibility to have to go before jury because you didn't respect the road conditions or job in general. If this was a easy job everyone could do this well they can't people every year get shown that don't need to add to it just do your job safely.
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    Jun 9, 2018
    TriMac, or Bulkmatic, or A and R Transport, or Oakley, or...... ????
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    Left alone in middle of desert with no water or poisonous water.
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